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Tim Murawski and His Work With The XVision

Tim Murawski is the chief sales officer at a company called Augmedics. As an expert in medical surgical devices, he introduced robotic surgery in 2000 through his business’ development and sales strategies. Tim Murawski has the experience of introducing disruptive technology in robotics and creating new markets around the globe. 


He helps his sales team succeed through mentorship and coaching. Tom has built a team to sell and introduce the XVision system. It is a wireless headset that brings augmented reality to spine surgery. Tim Murawski is located in the greater Chicago area. Tom Murawski received a BA in Business Management from Western Illinois University. He worked several years at Mazor Robotics and worked in sales and account management. 


The XVision is a wireless piece of equipment that allows free movement of the surgeon in the OR. It helps the surgeon guide their surgical instruments and implants in real time while looking at the patient instead of a screen. For Tim Murawski, it is a wearable headset and markers for surgeons that allows high speed processing of visual information. 

The headset is custom fit to each customer. It has a built in tracking system that shows location of surgical tools in real time. The healthcare expert says that many doctors find the XVision technology easy to use with its 3D imaging and they do not have to look away from their patient. As Tim Murawski finally adds, some doctors that have used the XVision headset have completed 50 to 100 successful complex spine surgeries.