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The Hauser Insurance Buyout Deal

Hauser insurance’s assets acquisition by Brown and Brown Inc. is expected to close in September 2020. Hauser insurance was established 50years ago by the Hauser insurance family.

The company has specialized in mergers and acquisitions and risk advisory for private equity firms. Hauser insurance will carry on with operations from its headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, under James stines. Hauser‘s primary focus is providing unique insurance guidelines. Services include due diligence,401(k) compliance, and employee benefit advisory services.

Hauser insurance comprises a strong team that provides the best in class services for private equity firms and their portfolio companies. Barrett brown stated that James and Mark had put together the best selection of professionals who can give a continuation of services from the preliminary analysis to effective risk analysis solutions. Therefore, Hauser insurance provides an advanced degree of service, empathy, and conclusion for its customers, making them the right group to carry their legacy.

Mark Hauser stated that the company has been in the family for 50 years, and they are pleased with the values established and the team they built. He also expressed that the agreement means a new phase for Hauser by combining Hauser’s expertise and exceptional service with Brown’s extensive assets and comprehensive state proficiency.

Barrett Brown, president of Brown and Brown retail division, stated they were excited to combine the competence and private equity focus. Brown &Brown has an 80years track record and a large team of professionals, making for an ideal partner. Brown & Brown Inc. is an