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Philip Belamant Disrupts The Status Quo With Zilch

Philip Belamant Business Accomplishments

Belamant’s Contribution to the Community

Philip Belamant is a South African entrepreneur that has initiated a lot of change in African communities. He introduced financial technologies that enabled Africans in remote areas to pay their bills in the comfort of their homes using mobile phones and virtual cards. His main goal is to contribute to the transformation of payment methods.

Using the Zilch BNPL tool, Philip Belamant provided a secure way for Africans in countries like Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, and Nigeria to carry out transactions while staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Zilch allowed transactions to be done by phone. Therefore, people were not exposed to the virus.

Belamant’s Partnerships and Business Ventures

Philip Belamant is creative and possesses excellent leadership skills. He also has a good eye for investment opportunities and is the co-founder and CEO of Zilch, which is headquartered in the UK. Zilch carries out its operations in the UK and the United States. He has also worked with the South African Government and other central banks in South Africa.

Belamant’s Secret to a Thriving Business

Philip Belamant understands that he must follow the provided laws to ensure his businesses run smoothly. As a result, he prioritizes adherence to laws and always ensures his business operations are conducted by the book. He also prioritizes his customers’ best interests by offering them customer protection and fair treatment.

Belamant has a way of observing the market status for investment opportunities, spotting business niches, and using them to create opportunities to thrive even further. He is also convinced that technology is critical in the current business world. Many people have embraced modern technology, creating room for innovation and expansion of their customer network. One of the most important things he noticed about his clients is that they value simplicity. As a result, he strives to provide digital services that are less complicated and straightforward for customers of all ages.