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Krishen Iyer: The Founder of MAIS Consulting

Are you aware of the aspect of consultation in business? Well, consulting is important because it helps an organization have a high performance. By initiating marketing of products and services. Also, as Krishen Iyer states, helps companies grow through networking with investors and financial firms. So, this article talks more about Krishen Iyer. Focusing on his impact in MAIS Consulting in the business industry.


Krishen Iyer is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. He is now the CEO and founder of MAIS Consulting company. An organization that assists other firms with marketing. Managing company policies and strategic growth. Krishen Iyer was born and grew up in California. He achieved a degree in Public Administration. After studying at San Diego State University.


Before founding MAIS Consulting, he began his business journey in the insurance industry. Throughout his career, Iyer has worked with big and small companies. As a result, the marketing expert and business mentor has earned the trust of local and international clients. Under the leadership of Krishen Iyer, MAIS Consulting performs key services to customers. Such as identifying gaps in a firm to improve employee and general performance. 


Analyzing reports with project plans to view the short-term and long-term goals of a firm. Also, MAIS Consulting motivates an organization to study the costs of products and services. To stand out in the market from other competitors (Vegasnews). 

The company has professional teams of marketing who play a big role in the business. They make sure consumers have access to the services and products. MAIS Consulting also offers digital marketing due to upgrades in technology. Krishen Iyer explains that this involves sharing content online and creating advertisements. The last role of MAIS Consulting is organizing contracts with other companies. For growth and promotion. Try MAIS Consulting services today!