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Interrelation between Yubo and Mental Health

Yubo is a social media application created to develop a sense of community in users. The application was developed by Twelve App developers. It was launched in 2015 on all mobile devices. The application is accessible in more than seven languages.

Covid-19 and Mental Health

Research showed that the rise in coronavirus led to the spike of mental health issues. Some reasons included reduction in social interaction due to closure of public spaces. Also, many feared contraction of the virus causing a rise in anxiety and panic attacks. Another cause was watching loved ones succumb to the virus. It came to the rescue of many individuals during this time.

Reports on effects of Covid-19 to Mental Health Issues

Findings from interviews on Gen Z people indicated a rise in reduced self-care initiatives. People from the age of 16 years to 35 were the most affected. Statistics showed a high number of them were emotionally distressed. The same age group also noted there was a growing difficulty in achieving career goals. They also noted the impossibility to maintain simple friendships during the pandemic. There was also the problem of increased difficulty in solving life decisions.

How and Yubo Counteracted this Issue

The United Nations created a one-day event to promote workers’ rights to mental health. The day was instituted on October 10 as World Mental Health Day. Yubo decided to support its users by having its own World Mental Health Day. Yubo supported the UNICEF initiative by encouraging its users towards positive communication. It encouraged users to post encouraging and judgment free opinions on mental health. Its management believed that Gen Z users should be encouraged to speak out. He emphasized that they should explore their interests and talents. He noted that such activities will help cope during the pandemic periods. Yubo’s initiative included a meditation session, which was led by a coach.

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