Business Leader, Medical Devices

Tim Murawski Implementation of Innovations through His Passion In the HealthCare Industry

Tim Murawski has created an exemplary career in building and improving the health sector. His long experience and knowledge have been tabled on different inventions. He is currently the CEO and president of Augmedics company and has put all its available resources at its disposal to help helpful research systems in surgery. According to Tim Murawski, they have successfully been fruitful through the launch of the Xvision. The carefully grafted invention is a life changer and will be a testimony to many patients.


Notably, the devices will adequately play a huge role during the surgery. The patients will be easily operated on since it shows an exact dimension of the positions to aim during surgery. Additionally, it helps to picture the right tools to consider during the process, for example, during delicate spinal surgeries. Tim Murawski and his team have encouraged the use of advanced technology, boosting their ventures. Tim Murawski has a broad spectrum in the industry. He has worked with various companies, enhancing his career. 


Some of them Include Mazor Robotics that also highlights his major inputs in surgical inventions. Through his continued support in medical disparities, the health care system has upgraded. Mainly because patients are already in conversant use of the products, he has gladly been part of the making. Overall during the implementation of the XVision Spine System. With a rich background in Biotechnology, Tim Murawski is also working on other projects that will be a great tool in the country. He is an exceptional leader with great achievements through his passion for what he puts his mind to focus. He is actively engaged in mind-blowing activities. He enjoys spending time with his family

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