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OTA and SEC Former Economist Addresses the Issue of Retail Traders’ Education

In the financial field, several terms like training, learning, and education are regularly used. However, education levels are not equal, and Online Trading Academy consulted a financial professional for more insights. Dr. Jeffrey Harris is a financial expert who works at the American University in the department of business called Kogod. He has also served as a chief economist for several companies in the country, and even participates in the stock market with NASDAQ. Dr, Harris evaluated different course resources belonging to OTA, and also took part in virtual lessons and xLT digital programs. Harris also reviewed CliK, a new analysis, trading, and education platform.

Dr, H. Harris perceives and rates financial education highly, thus intends to participate extensively in the markets equitably. It is worrying how many retailers are deprived of education. OTA, American University, and Dr. Harris are focused on spreading out the financial education, to ensure that as many retailers as possible are served. Finance experts are limited to the markets and the knowledge that Online Trading Academy renders. He also retaliated that the OTA principles and materials are created depending on economic formulations and they compare favorably with the high-level courses at the university.

The OTA curriculum alongside the delivery techniques compares nicely with learning methods and offers substantial learning chances for the learners intending to establish their trading accounts. The OTA materials are valuable to the students, enabling them to work according to the methods and principles laid out, thereby garnering sufficient confidence in investment and trading. Financial education is either informational or theoretical, but not reaching the experiential level to build skills, create proficiency, and create confidence. The practical application facilitates the students’ progress amidst the challenges around trading and overall investment. Dr. Harris is more enthusiastic about financial technology and how it can facilitate risk management and learning.