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 No Face coverings required at some SeaWorld locations

Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando announced just recently that they would no longer require face coverings outdoors. Following suit, SeaWorld Orlando has announced that they also no longer require face coverings. Although, SeaWorld Orlando has said that they no longer require the face coverings outdoors or indoors.

After the CDC updated their advisements to the general public, SeaWorld Orlando allows fully vaccinated people to forgo the face coverings. They will not require you to show your vaccine card, but advise all guests to follow the updated policy.

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Currently, SeaWorld San Diego still requires the face coverings because California’s local guidance is still mandating the face masks. At this point though, all the SeaWorld employees are still required to wear their face coverings. SeaWorld representatives say that their top priority is the safety of all their guests and the animals as well.

Discovery Cove, a sister theme park to SeaWorld is also adjusting their regulations for face coverings. Discovery Cove has also announced that they will no longer require fully vaccinated guests to wear a face covering. They ask that their guests respectfully listen to this new adjustment for they will also not be asking to see a guest’s vaccine card.

Most of the attractions at both SeaWorld and Discovery Cove take place outside, but this is still an exciting update on their policy for face coverings. Although SeaWorld San Diego has not been able to lift the mask requirement for their guests, they are starting to allow some out of state guests who have been vaccinated. At SeaWorld San Diego, they are hoping to be able to loosen the mask requirements soon. California is very close to reaching the yellow tier, which has the lowest restrictions.

As we head into the summer season, SeaWorld seems very optimistic for the future of less restrictive mask requirements for all of their locations.

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