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Krishen Iyer Successful Career

Krishen Iyer is a graduate of San Diego state university. After graduation, he entered the business world, where he has achieved great success as an entrepreneur. He started by opening an insurance company that grew to great success. The steps he has been taking in coming up with effective marketing solutions have been of great help to the community. Some of the areas where Krishen Iyer has invested include:


Owner of MAIS Consulting

Currently, successful businessman and entrepreneur Krishen Iyer is the founder of the consulting company. Many people have business ideas, but they would like to get guidance from experts. Successful businessman and entrepreneur Krishen Iyer has a lot of knowledge on how to handle different business ideas.


His ability to study the different fields and come up with effective investments has made him achieve great success. He is a graduate of San Diego State University, where he earned a degree in Public Administration (Slideshare).


MNP Insurance founder

There are several issues people face when running insurance companies. Krishen Iyer has experience in the field. Krishen Iyer has come up with several strategies that have made him achieve great success in the field. As an investor, he is very keen to employ winning strategies


Managed Benefits Services founder 

He also ruins a Lead generation company. People interested in marketing their services can work with him to get the best experience. He is a keen investor in the field who employs the latest technology in lead generation. His company has been gaining a good reputation due to the good work they are doing.