Kip Lewis’s Intensive Interview: Lewis Investments’ Creator

A majority of Kip Lewis’ adult life has been invested in real estate and business activities. He joined Texas State University in the School of Business called McCoy in the 1980s. Some years later, Kip Lewis finalized the first property deal. He started with a personal saving worth $2,000 that he spent in RV/MH park based in Texas’ Round Rock in Austin. The RV/MH development was called La Frontiera that spanned about 35 acres. He owned the real estate for an extended period before disposing of it to the US largest REIT.


During his ownership tenure, Kip Lewis grew the portfolio to about 60 acres, and it could support over 800 camping regions. This property purchase concurred with Lewis Investments’ launch in 1992. For five years, Kip Lewis bought other properties in Pflugerville and Georgetown communities that held about 650 sites. These sites were also sold to the REIT.


Kip also sits in the Downtown Investors Owners Association. Kip was also fascinated by history conservation after relocating to the new office in 1997. Lewis became the association’s president in just a short while. This group upheld a robust interest in this preservation. Kip interacted with business owners, engineers, architects, and other parties in the region to rejuvenate the area.


In 2022, Kip Lewis is bound to pronounce a mega milestone because the real estate venture will celebrate its 30th anniversary. Lewis Investments has been in Round Rock since 1997. It has gained the community’s trust as well as the customers. Kip has bought and renovated 45,000 feet2 of the region’s properties to achieve his dedication to preservation.


Remodeling Main Street Grill Restaurant ranks among the best investments by the company. This restaurant was a hub for local and international investors until its closure in 2017. Kip demands the best standards from the contractors who construct attractive ventures and complexes.