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Jason Hughes Is Making A Positive Difference As The Owner Of Hughes Marino

Jason Hughes and Hughes Marino

Jason Hughes founded Hughes Marino and remains the CEO and owner. The San Diego based company is now one of the largest firms in the area offering tenant and buyer representation with locations throughout the west coast. Jason Hughes has initiated legislation in California resulting in substantial transactions for millions and millions of square feet. His experience was gained through early negotiations, customized developments, finance negotiations, loan structuring and corporate purchases. He has also been featured on several different television programs. There is no doubt Jason Hughes has left his mark on the world. 



Jason Hughes was educated at Pepperdine University and the University of San Diego. He also attended Harvard, UCSD and UCLA for executive programs. He earned a Business Administration Bachelor of Science and a Master of Business Administration. He has since become well known as an expert in the industry (Topionetworks). 



Jason Hughes began his career at Cushman & Wakefield during the 1980s. Eventually, he relocated to Century City to represent municipal, non-profit and corporate tenants for both purchase and lease negotiations. This is where he has remained for almost 30 years. His roots originated in San Diego, and both Jason and his wife have significantly influenced the industry. The outstanding couple and Hughes Marino have exerted prominence in the industry. As a leader in the market, his focus is to provide deeper services for his clients. He has established excellent customer relationships by providing exceptional services. 

His long life experience includes complex lease contract negotiations, high-rise lease and government negotiations, purchasing condos and hotels and personalized developments. Some of the biggest tenant lease transactions have been negotiated by Jason Hughes during the last 30 years in Downtown San Diego, Carmel Valley and Sorrento Mesa. Up to now with huge success, he has built a reputation as one of the best providers of sale-leaseback transactions in California. 


New Legislation

As an important representative in his industry, Jason Hughes is responsible for new legislation including the Dual Agency Disclosure Bill. Governor Brown signed this legislation into law in August of 2014. The law improves fairness and transparency for commercial tenants in California.