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ClassDojo: The Smart Solution for a Busy Classroom with PubNub

ClassDojo provides one of the best ROI cases in customer experience. It captures user behavior and app stores it into a historical database. This historical data provides insights into a user’s behavior patterns and allows teachers to craft dynamic lessons in a fun and engaging way.

Each time a student earns points, they’re rewarded with a shareable digital “badge” prominently displayed in the classroom. When students badger teachers, they receive a notification via email or on their smartphone, encouraging them to respond. Why is this super cool? The system has built-in triggers and cross-matching of real-time chat from teachers and students.

After initial discussions with ClassDojo, PubNub realized that they would benefit from a simple, dedicated PubNub Real-Time Network while maintaining control of their in-house solution. Without any secret sauce or back-end configuration, PubNub started work and immediately began making great progress.

Together, PubNub has delivered several production-ready features and is currently working through polishing and fine-tuning. In PubNub free product, you can try out a prototype with limited functionality and our Beta product, which includes full API support, guest messaging, student ratings, behavior plans, and real-time emails, surveys, and notifications.

When students first enter the ClassDojo school environment, they’re prompted to log in via username and password. This creates a user profile for each student, including first name, last name, grade, and arrival time (either during the day or school-wide roll-out). From there, students can create profile cards that include a quick quote from their favorite authors, artist, or anyone else they deem to be a good role model.

ClassDojo platform connects and manages the data for each student, providing teachers with a reporting and analytics dashboard that includes trending data. Both of these dashboards are posted on a public webserver with a class-wide API, a pub/sub that provides each teacher with direct, immediate access.

The solution was a back-end PubNub client that the education app could plug into to enable real-time communication and onboarding to the platform. Its team had the challenge of convincing administrators and teachers of the benefits of an in-house solution. PubNub is the backbone for the communication between all components in the entire ClassDojo solution.