Securus is Doing Its Part to Eliminate Contraband Access

Illegal cell phone access is out of control in prison, and no correctional facility has found the magic formula to combat it. It’s because inmates use intelligence and creativity to smuggle phones inside the prison undetected. The result of their success extends to endless social media photos or videos flaunting weapons, doing drugs, threatening inmates and staff, or attacking inmates and staff. Correctional facilities remain perplexed on how inmates attain cell phones so easily. Until contraband phones are no more, Securus is counting on the latest innovative technology, Wireless Containment Solutions, to counter the attack.


WCS, or Wireless Containment Solutions, doesn’t stop contraband smuggling. It stops the contraband’s function. An illegal cell phone is useless if the phone is dead, and WCS succeeds in spades. In detail, Wireless Containment Solutions use an invisible, wireless network to select which calls go through and which ones do not. Numbers completing the call are 9-1-1 calls and government approved phone numbers. Securus disconnects remaining phone numbers, rendering the cell phone useless. Securus also stops cell phones from accessing the internet, so recorded video and snapped photos won’t go viral. Additionally, correctional facilities can control WCS’s signal in the prison by deciding the areas to activate its use. So far, WCS is successful. It stopped at least 1.7 million calls from connecting through from eight American correctional facilities in the past year.


As impressive as that sounds, the contraband wave isn’t stopping due to inmates finding new ways to sneak contraband over prison walls such as drones. Fortunately, Wireless Containment Solutions are a start, and several correctional facilities across the U.S. and Canada are incorporating this program into the facility. Second, Robert Johnson, a former correctional officer, agrees with our cause due to his experiences with contraband. Therefore, he’s on the team as a consultant as we expand our reach throughout Florida. Third, cell phone carriers in the area are allowing Securus to deny access to wireless carriers for illegal activity. Last, the FCC approved of our approach toward silencing contraband use. They made accessibility easier by reducing paperwork to get it.


In closing, Securus is doing our part to stop contraband use. Wireless containment solutions are a cell phone barrier stripping illegal cell phones of its power, which is communication. We continue to strengthen WCS with trial and error along with incorporating emerging, yet proven technology into the system. Equally, Securus will team with Johnson, the FCC, law enforcement, and correctional staff to fix bugs and seal security patches to create a solid, all-around system. Securus or WCS wouldn’t be possible without our customers, and we thank you.


Securus Technologies is a Communications Platform That’s Making Communities Safer and More Peaceful Than Ever Before

By speaking with a consultant of Securus Technologies, you’ll be able to begin utilizing a program that’s been specifically developed for you to benefit from; however, it’s also imperative for you to have awareness of it being a program that’s not only been created for you to benefit from and enjoy, but also to benefit entire communities, as law enforcement officials are given permission to monitor the video chat sessions that are conducted between its immediate users.


If you’re wanting to learn more about this wonderful program that’s been created for you to benefit from, please speak with a consultant of Securus Technologies today, as they’ll gladly guide you through a process in which you’ll be able to not only learn about the program, but also begin utilizing it rather quickly.


By visiting the website of Securus Technologies, you’ll be able to get an idea of what exactly the program entails and how you can go about having it installed and utilizing it for your very own benefit. Although it offers a great form of a convenient communications measure for its immediate users, it’s also extremely important to note that it’s a form of communications that’s bringing a tremendous amount of opportunities for communities. Communities are given opportunities of being safer by having the program incorporated into their local correctional facilities’ communications departments due to law enforcement agencies having abilities of utilizing the program for monitoring and investigative purposes. What many people are not necessarily aware of at this point in time is that many crimes are taking place in our communities’ very own correctional facilities. Much of such crimes are often occurring through the assistance of corrupt correctional officers in which they have a part in the criminal transactions/activities that occur. By allowing law enforcement agencies to have abilities of monitoring chat sessions that take place between the immediate users of the Securus Technologies program, they can essentially crack down on many of the crimes that occur in correctional facilities as inmates have been found to speak about some of the crimes that occur over the video chat sessions of the program. Please don’t hesitate to learn more about the wonderful program that’s been developed for all people to enjoy and benefit from.