Fabletics the revolutionary online giant taking on Amazon

There is a perception that success in business is highly hinged on who came up with the idea and implemented it first. While this notion could be true, a lot of businesses have cropped up and are sweeping off established competitors off their feet. One such example is Fabletics, a company that has caught its competitors off guard, and has been attracting enviable media attention. Fabletics has been gaining a lot of influence and popularity, primarily because it has brilliantly combined the use of innovative and orthodox marketing techniques to attract customers.

How Fabletics came and conquered still baffles experts and business enthusiasts. No one thought that the company could reach its current position. The fact that it deals with e-commerce, an area that is largely dominated by Amazon gave us solid reasons to believe it would not succeed. Evidently, we were wrong, and Kate Hudson should excuse us for doubting her venture. For those who don’t know, Fabletics is an online retailer that sells ‘athleisures’, to put it better, the online giant sells women’s sportswear and accessories.

Kate Hudson founded Fabletics, and she has been the face of the Fabletics since it was launched. Kate Hudson is a multi-talented actress, and since Fabletics came into existence, we now know she is an exceptional businesswoman. Hudson undoubtedly fits my definition of a role model. She has been described as a go-getter and cautious to details; she noted unexploited grounds in the e-commerce world thanks to her incomparable attributes. The ‘wish I was here’ actress has proved that determination and good strategies can propel a brand to unprecedented heights. Her brand provides women of all shapes and sizes with affordable athletic apparels. Kate Hudson wants you to feel sexy!

Why should Amazon worry about Fabletics? Firstly, Fabletics has adopted a business model that is unique, and clients are embracing more it compared to other models. Fabletics uses a subscription service model that allows clients to receive workout apparels of their choice each month for a fee. The number of subscribers has increased at an astonishing rate, chiefly because the business model allows clients to get workout outfits for half prices. Users especially VIP members enjoy this price cuts the most when using Fabletics. What’s more, the outfits are trendy and of high-quality. Also, has invested in a system that betters users experience and ensures customers satisfaction.

Much of Fabletics success is attributable to the fact that they have implemented the ‘reverse showroom’ technique. The strategy allows clients to see products online, know their prices and their features and then visit a physical store to purchase it. Before its implementation, many thought that the strategy would be expensive and would amount to any sales. However, of all the decisions that Fabletics has made, the opening of brick-and-motors stores was the best decision they ever made. The technique has significantly boosted Fabletics market influence and has led to high profits. To further success of this method, the company collects data to ensure what they put in stores what people in a particular area want.