Shervin Pishevar: Setting The Gold Standard

During a recent tweet storm that lasted well past 21 hours and consisted of more than 50 messages, Shervin Pishevar found himself talking about a variety of areas pertaining to the United States economy. One of these was the stock market, which while currently sailing along at a great pace, is always subject to huge drops depending upon many factors. According to Shervin Pishevar, investors should prepare for yet another large drop in the months ahead.

Predicting the stock market could fall as much as 6,000 points over a period of months, Shervin Pishevar definitely gets plenty of attention for this potential blockbuster. However, in order to calm the fears of nervous investors who may wonder what they should do if this happens, he suggests that precious metals, such as gold, may offer a way to protect their money until the tide once again turns in a positive direction. Noting that the current bond market is very volatile and likely pushing the market toward a long-overdue correction, Shervin Pishevar believes gold is the answer for investors.

After offering this prediction and suggestion, he moved on to give his thoughts about the current state of technology, particularly Silicon Valley. In his next tweets, he suggested Silicon Valley may have its best days behind it, and may in fact be facing a future where companies in the region will be chasing foreign competitors from China and other nations. To keep this from happening, Shervin Pishevar believes Silicon Valley companies will need to take a close look at how they approach such areas as staff training, research, development of new products, marketing, and many other factors that go into creating successful companies.

As an early investor in Uber, Shervin Pishevar knows all about innovative ideas that are just getting off the ground. Because of this, he is a big fan of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin. However, like many other areas of the economy, he predicts Bitcoin will fall in value by as much as 5,000 points. However, unlike the stock market, he predicts a quick rebound, allowing investors to quickly recoup losses.

Whitney Wolfe Rises From The Ashes

Whitney Wolfe had found that the world of Internet business can be a harsh and frustrating world early in her career. Her and her boyfriend had created a dating application online known as Tinder. This was an application that allowed users to select potential matches by flicking through images and clicking on the profiles that interested them. It seemed to be a great success story, working with someone she loved and creating a product that they could call their own. Success was fleeting though as her boyfriend and boss Justin Mateen started treating her in a derogatory manner. She left the hostile environment, received an undisclosed settlement from Tinder and found that Mateen had been suspended and later quit. Find out more on her article at Forbes

It would appear to be a time to celebrate, but Whitney Wolfe was not ready to do that at that point in her life. She was left without a job and searching for an idea of what to do next in her career. She was approached by Andrey Andreev to join the management team of, which was a competitor of Tinder. She declined at that time as she had soured on the the Internet dating industry and was contemplating other potential business opportunities.

Nobody could blame Whitney Wolfe, as anyone in her shoes would understand wanting to be out of the spotlight. People that did not know her were criticizing her in public over the situation with Masteen and Tinder and she experienced the horror of being raped and abused according to an article on In the end, being a victim opened a door into her mind about creating a new business for women to help them take control

This was when she started to form the concept for what became the business idea for Bumble. Whitney Wolfe created a concept for Bumble where communication could only be initiated by a female. Male users could not initiate contact, they could only respond. Andreev and her reconnected on a professional level and worked together to make the online presence of Bumble a success, helping Wolfe rise from frustration to success

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Robert Ivy Receives A Prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy has been awarded the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award from the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. This award was given to Robert for a lifetime of trailblazing in the field of architecture in America. Mississippi is his home state, and he was awarded in Jackson before a crowd of many people who have gotten to know him over the years. This article explains how Robert has become a luminary in the world of building design. See Related Articles at

Robert’s Connection To World Architecture

Robert Ivy is connected to the world of architecture outside America. He has done quite a lot of work with people whose names everyone knows. He has worked with people such as I.M. Pei, and he has drawn inspiration from the greats like Frank Lloyd Wright. He has been recognized because many of his buildings populate his home state. He has his own style that has inspired others, and it has changed how people approach the art of architecture.

His Writing

Robert Ivy has written about architecture in many places, and he is best known for an anthology he has done of architecture in Asia. He has worked with McGraw-Hill for some time, and he is responsible for making western architecture more accessible to eastern designers.

His mission to expand the world of architecture also includes biographies of great architects. He wants the younger generation to learn about these architects, and he hopes that these books because texts for the future.


Robert Ivy is the Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects. His current role with the organization sees him hoping to expand membership. He wants more people to join early so that they may learn as young as possible. He is hoping to increase the profile of the group, and he wants to offer more educational opportunities to the people who join.

Robert Ivy has been given a lifetime achievement award because he has never stopped working. He wants to see the world of architecture grow as more people learn how to design and make the world beautiful.

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The Career Development of Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert

Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert is a prominent business executive and the former CEO of United Technologies Corporation. UTC is the greatest company in the aerospace industry. It is, however, a conglomerate business that has other business under it. The largest business Pratt & Whitney deals with the production of jet engines.

The success of UTC in the past two decades has the direct input of Louis Chenevert. Although he was appointed CEO in 2008, he started working in the company in 1993. He started by working for one of the subsidiary business under the conglomerate. He worked his way up by showing good results every year until he got to the highest position in the company. It is undeniable that Chenevert is a brilliant businessman who worked his way up from the bottom until he became a top executive in the United States.

Louis Chenevert always wanted to be a businessman. From a young age, he wanted to join business so that he could accomplish his dreams. He was driven by passion for hard work since he was born from a humble background. Everything that he has achieved has been through commitment and hard work. From the word go, he knew where he wanted to be. So, when he joined the university, he took a course in Production Management. With knowledge in production, he could fit into any business. Production is a key element of any business, and if it is managed properly, it will lead to success in all other departments.

Louis Chenevert joined UTC through is its subsidiaries. He joined Pratt & Whitney Canada where he impressed with good results that he was called to join Pratt & Whitney in the United States. Pratt & Whitney is one biggest manufacturer of jet engines. Chenevert was able to rise to the position of the president in this organization by showing impressive records in other position she has been given.

Louis Chenevert was appointed CEO of UTC in 2008 and managed the company till 2014. He left a good track record of achievements which laid the foundation for long-term growth. Subsequent CEOs will have an easy time picking from where he left by riding on his success.

Rick Smith Brings Value to the Services of Securus Technologies

Rick Smith is a much-discussed personality in the correction services and prison technology industry. The CEO of Securus Technologies is credited for adding values to the services and solutions of the firm as well as the industry. His focus towards technology innovation and world-class service ensured Securus to rebrand as a high-value solution provider in the prison technology ecosystem. Numerous examples are there to quote the affinity of Rick towards value addition in the industry. In 2015, he led Securus to acquire JPay Inc. through a stock purchase agreement. JPay is a prominent technology company that introduced educational and entertainment apps for correction industry, electronic payments, email, and more. It also actively operates in nearly 33 state prison systems in the country. Read more articles at

Smith stated that the deal is significant and making Securus active in all the quickly growing segments of correction services, including email, payments, inmate tablets, and more. He claimed that the acquisition helped the firm to virtually provide anything of technology-based/software solutions that are needed for the correction agencies to modernize a prison or jail. Securus considered JPay as an innovator in the industry for long and noticed its prolonged success in the industry. The time has given an opportunity for Securus to combine the products and teams of JPay, Rick continued. He also added that people who are looking for best products with the highest security at the most competitive price now have a clear choice.

Interestingly, Smith wanted the JPay as an independent subsidiary under Securus, but it would get the vast resources and deep relationships of Securus to advance its sales and revenue. Considering the innovation efforts of Securus under the leadership of Rick Smith, a large number of prison authorities and correction agencies contact the firm and explain how the solutions of the company helped them to execute correction services better. In late 2016, Rick Smith confirmed that the company took many initiatives to bring advanced prison experience in the industry. He claimed that the firm regularly sends proposals for product and service developments to enforcement agencies and correction servicers at least once in a week. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

Rick further explained how the firm helped the agencies to provide adequate services to society, inmates, their families, and more. He also instilled safety into the company to make it helping to serve and protect the community. Rick Smith Securus completed his master’s in Business Administration from the renowned University of Rochester. He started his career with Eschelon Telecom Inc – a leading telecommunication company in the United States. Smith held various positions at the firm and became the Chief Operating Officer by 2000. He left the company in 2008 for Securus Technologies, and since then, he started his mission to shape the Securus as the biggest innovator in the industry.


How Doe Deere Turned her Passion for Expression into a Successful Business

Doe Deere first made a splash in the field of fashion with her colorful strands of hair and non-traditional choices of makeup. The success of her cosmetic company Lime Crime, is directly linked to this entrepreneur’s passion for creativity. Her entrepreneurial skills began to shine through when she was a young adolescent living in Russia. She turned a profit by selling temporary tattoos to her schoolmates after popularizing them by wearing them as the latest fad in fashion. Although Ms. Deere was born and raised in Russia, at the impressionable age of 17 she moved to New York. Learn more:

Amid the hub-bub of New York’s diverse cultural atmosphere, Doe became drawn to the world of music. Her first business endeavor involved being a musician with a band. Although she later exchanged this dream for one involving fashion, she did learn a lot about the world of business during the time she spent in a band. This is also where she met the man who would eventually become both her partner in life and in business. She describes the partnership she has with her husband as one that became a collaborate effort right from the start.

Many of Lime Crime’s loyal customers might not know that the company’s founder had attended FIT in New York in the hopes of eventually launching her own line of fashions. After posting several photos of herself modeling her fashions, she soon discovered she had a following for the makeup she used to express her unique sense of style. Like clothing, Doe Deere believes makeup is an extension of fashion, which provides individuals with the ability to express themselves. What began for Doe Deere as a way to step beyond the boundaries of neutral-colored makeup, quickly turned into a desire to meet the overwhelming need others had to express their own unique personalities.

As a leading female entrepreneur in today’s business world, Ms. Deere is often asked for advice on how to succeed in business. She continually encourages women of all ages to tap into their inner passion to find what truly motivates them. She believes that everyone has something unique to offer, which is what they need to get in touch with in order to stay focused on their dream, regardless of how unusual it might seem. Although Doe Deere often felt alone in her desire to use bold and innovative colors for her hair and makeup, she soon discovered she was not.