A Look Into the Accomplishments of Brian Torchin


With a massive following and utilization of social media to connect people with suitable jobs, Brian Torchin has created a portfolio of top skills in the medical industry. He is a big influencer in the corporate world and has had massive success in his career. His educational accomplishments qualified him for a professional career as a chiropractor that enabled him to set up a clinic. This was the beginning of his journey on positively influencing the lives of many people and creating a massive following. He is the founder of HCRC (Health Care Recruitment Counselors) staffing; a company that has adopted smarter ways of recruitment. According to him, Social media provides the capability of fast access to billions of people all over the world. It is a grand strategy to narrow down your scope of possible candidates for a particular field. Visit postings.com for more info.

The HCRC possess many links to the organization’s blogs where they discuss ideas and questions of most staffing challenges. The HCRC is among his most significant accomplishment that has managed to connect healthcare professionals to the centers that are short of staff. The services are also extended to other healthcare professionals in the medical industry. Currently, the firm provides services to over two hundred firms as well as personal clients in various regions of the globe. Based on the huge turnover experienced in medical facilities, the links established by HCRC aim at filling up an empty slot in a maximum of three days. His accomplishments have led him to be featured in various media publications like CNN who highlighted his achievements in a 2014 report, “Brian Torchin Staffs Chiropractic Practices.”

Although Brian Torchin is probably a busy person, he still takes time to compose and share his knowledge through these blogs. These articles are based on how to get in touch with potential employers via social media sites. He also informs the people in the medical industry on better delivery of services in pursuit of maintaining an organized medical center. Considering his significant accomplishments and additions in the medical industry, he has created a new methodology of fulfilling staffing needs. These aim at keeping the profession as sane as possible. Learn more: http://www.topix.com/forum/health/back-pain/TCJ48V9P77348GTUL



Tony Petrello: Balancing Business, Philanthropy And Family

Tony Petrello is a great example of a leader who juggles numerous responsibilities. While he does all he is expected to do, Tony is good at it. Currently, Tony is the CEO, president and chairman of Nabors Industries. He is also a director in Stevensons LLC, Stewart & Stevenson and Hilcorp Energy Company. That is not all for Tony because he is also actively involved in Philanthropy and a family man. He has a daughter with a special illness called periventricular leukomalacia.

Tony began working at Nabor Industries in 1991. He has come a long way with this company. Before joining Nabors, Tony was at Baker and McKenzie for fifteen years as managing partner. This was where he started his career until he went to Nabors in 1991. Looking at Tony’s work record, he is a loyal and dedicated man to his work. It is high unusual to meet people who would commit to one company for this long.

Since Tony Petrello joined Nabors, the company has grown immensely and achieved success. Tony applied his administration, legal and strategic planning expertise to this company. Through his leadership and strategies, Nabors has stood out as a big contractor in oil, gas and geothermal driller. So far, the company has over twenty six thousand employees. Such a big corporation could only be measuring its revenue in billions.

All these skills and knowledge were instilled by the best universities in the world. Tony Petrello attained his Juris Doctor degree from Harvard-School of Law. He proceeded to Yale for his bachelor and masters degree. Apart from business and managing companies, Tony is passionate about philanthropy. He believes in giving back to the community and helping the needy.

Tony Petrello is a member of the board at Texas Children Hospital. The hospital has a research center for neurological conditions. Tony supports this center because he would like a breakthrough in neurological conditions. His interest in neurological conditions was inspired by his daughter Carena. Her condition has affected her ability speak, chew food and walk.

Although Carena is slow in her development, Tony Petrello and his wife Cynthia consider Carena as a blessing in their lives. She is eight years old but Carena is better than other children who are suffering than her. Tony and Cynthia have committed $17 million to the research institute. It will go a long way in bringing progress. The couple hopes one day to get a cure that will help even other people with the same predicament.

See: http://www1.salary.com/Anthony-G-Petrello-Salary-Bonus-Stock-Options-for-NABORS-INDUSTRIES-LTD.html

Mike Baur Decided Banking Was No Longer Right In 2014 And Went Completely Into Startup Business Investing

Banking in Switzerland was once considered the stronghold of the nation because so many foreign nations came to do banking there and thrived on loose regulations and staunch security at the nation’s banks. At one time banking was also the most sought after occupations in Switzerland with aspiring young men entering apprenticeships in hopes of getting to the top. This was the case with one man named Mike Baur who was once making a lot of money managing the accounts of affluent Swiss businessmen, but then made a change in his career path that brought him to investing in new companies. Right now he’s the Executive Chairman of the Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) which he helped start in 2014.


Mike Baur was 16 when he became an apprentice at UBS Bank and it was a human resources aide there who showed him a chart explaining how his career could shape up. Baur had great skills with numbers and knew how to forge great relationships with the bank’s patrons, and had he kept on his course there he might have reached privileged status. But it was the 2008 financial crisis that happened during the thick of his career that brought about a change in course. UBS scaled way back during this time and Baur left for Clariden Leu where he did get an even better management position. But Switzerland was putting more restrictions on account holders and changing how banking was done, and with the reputation of big banks starting to become negative to the public, Baur decided in 2014 that it was time to quit.


Mike Baur had laid the groundwork for the SSUF early in 2013 when he launched a company on the side known as Think Reloaded which did talent hunting and looked for entrepreneurs to fund. He would later meet Max Meister and the founders of Red Bull Media who decided to build onto Baur’s idea for bringing startups into the mainstream business community, and they decided on a three-month program that would use a combination of mentoring, business planning instruction and even extra-curricular activities as part of shaping a business. For entrepreneurs who qualify for this program and came out on top, they not only have a chance to receive funding but they can also get free office space to work out of. Mike Baur says what this company is doing is taking risks and adapting to the new tech business environments in ways that most of Switzerland’s longstanding banks did not.


NewsWatch TV Review by Saygus for Indiegogo Campaign

Saygus, the U.S. smartphone maker, recently used NewsWatch TV to promoter their latest campaign, indiegogo, in Spain. The promotion was held at the Mobile World Congress and was a huge success, resulting in the company exceeding their goal by over 30 percent. The Chief Executive Officer of Saygus, Tim Rush, was ecstatic about the results that NewsWatch TV gave the company, saying in part, “I would highly recommend Newswatch.” That is high praise for an American company promoting a product across the Atlantic Ocean in Barcelona, Spain. NewsWatch is able to get a company’s products and service out to the masses through their large viewership around the world, as the show is watched by millions of people each week. The news program has been used by hundreds of businesses over the past 25 years to promote their products.

NewsWatch TV began in 1990 as a monthly news program that delved into the financial industry. By the early 2000s, it had became focused on all sorts of news, not just financial, and began being aired as a 30-minute weekly program. Since 2011, NewsWatch TV began to focus on the technology sector, giving reviews and testing a number of new products produced by technology companies.

NewsWatch is hosted by a trio of reporters : Susan Bridges, Andrew Tropeano, and Michelle Ison, as they report on the consumer marketplace. They produce both news and paid segments. In the past decade the show has invited dozens of celebrity and sports figures onto the show to do segments. The show is headquartered in Washington, D.C., with remote offices in New York, Denver, and Virginia.

Roberto Santiago Made Things Better for People of Brazil

The creation of the Manaira Mall was exactly what Brazil needed to ensure the people of the country were going to have the best experience possible. Roberto Santiago knew this when he created the mall. He tried to do different things to ensure the mall would be the best place possible for people to try to go shopping and different things. It is what has allowed him the chance to make their lives better. It has also given him the chance to make things better on his own. For Roberto Santiago to do this, he had to be sure the mall was the best that it could be. He also wanted people to know what they could get out of the things they were doing. When people visit Manaira Mall, they can shop, dine and even have the chance to experience entertainment like no other mall in the country.


Since Roberto Santiago created exclusive partnerships with different designers and clothing companies, he was able to make the shopping experience in the mall the best. With this experience, people would be able to try different things. No other locations in the area were able to have the same items as Roberto Santiago had with Manaira because he had created the exclusive partnerships. It is what gave him the chance to really set Manaira apart from other malls while he was working to improve the options each person had while they were at the mall.


Even though most malls have dining options, Roberto Santiago wanted Manaira to have the best options for his customers. He wanted there to be a lot of different restaurants. The way Roberto Santiago set Manaira up was so the mall would have options for anyone to choose from when they were dining out. It is what gave him the chance to grow the restaurant and help people realize what they were able to do. It also gave him the experiences that would make Manaira the best that it could be. For Roberto Santiago to do this, he had to ensure restaurants were going to offer all of the people who came to the mall the options they needed.


Since entertainment in a mall can be difficult for people to enjoy, Roberto Santiago wanted them to have something that no other mall had. He knew that movie theaters and arcades wouldn’t be the only thing Manaira needed so he chose to make things different for the mall. It was a way for him to enjoy different things so he could make the entertainment center. When people came to the mall, they could enjoy the convention center. Roberto Santiago even put it conveniently on the roof so it wouldn’t take up valuable shopping space.


George Soros Philanthropist to the World

George Soros is not only a brilliant investor but a philanthropist of the highest order. He has managed to give away more that $12 billion. As the name of his philanthropy, Open Society Foundations, suggests, he is dedicated to transparency, accountable governments, and the promotion of equality and justice in all societies. Soros is dedicating his efforts to this philanthropy and leaving the running of his hedge fund to managers. He travels the world lecturing on economic principles and encouraging the ideals of his foundation.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/07/george-soros-democratic-convention-226267

The story of George Soros’ early life was fraught with danger and a sense of impermanence. A native of Hungary who was born in 1930, Soros was thrust into the deadly conflicts of the Second World War. His country was first occupied by the Nazis and later by the Communist forces. Soros was born a Jew but escaped to London where he worked his way through college as a waiter and railway employee. He graduated from the London School of Economics and in 1956 he emigrated to the United States of America. It was here that he began his investing career and where he would begin his own hedge fund in 1970.

It was at the London School of Economics that Soros came into contact with the writings of Karl Popper whose book, Open Societies and Their Enemies, would influence Soros’ life and become the name for his philanthropy. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Soros has been a supporter of liberal and progressive politics and donated $millions to the campaign of Hillary Clinton. He has earned the ire of rich republicans who disagree with his liberal political positions. And, unfortunately, as we are discovering following this latest presidential election, there is a reemergence of anti-Jewish sentiment fouling the minds of voters in the United States of America.

George Soros has offered assistance to those suffering most in the Mid-East refugee crisis in Europe by giving grants and subsidies to those who are now displaced and in many cases not wanted in foreign countries. At 86 George Soros will not be able to save the world from itself for much longer, but his Open Societies Foundation will continue to do his philanthropic work long into the future. Visit his site to know more at opensocietyfoundations.org.

David McDonald Discusses About OSI Group’s Global Success Strategies

OSI Group has continued to dominate the food industry for many decades. However, like other global companies, the organization faces challenges such as varying government regulations, cultural nuances, and inconsistent talent pool. Moreover, consumer tastes and preferences are fast changing. David McDonald is using several approaches to handle these problems and ensure that the company continues to grow exponentially.

David McDonald of OSI, president , understands that the corporation’s subsidiaries cannot be run using the same strategy. Due to these factors, the subsidiaries enjoy a degree of independence as they are governed by the existing laws of their host nations. This means that such approach makes the subsidiaries to operate on different strategies.

The company has also focused on hiring local talent. David notes that local employees have a better understanding of the local taste of consumers compared to foreigners. This information can be used to re-adjust the company’s products to ensure that they remain trendy and tasty. In addition, OSI has recruited the services of renowned leaders who have steered the company towards a growth trajectory. The coordination of the various teams has been critical to the company’s success.

The Aurora-based company manufactures innovative products such as beef patties, sausage links, sandwiches, and pizzas. These products are supplied to top retail and food service brands across the globe. The company’s products are found at McDonald’s global branches.

With over 50 facilities in 17 countries, David McDonald believes that the company can grow further and penetrate more markets. This belief has seen the company work hard to dominate the Chinese market. The company has been in the Far East country for over two decades. They have succeeded in constructing eight factories in the populous nation. OSI seeks to enhance their growth agenda by developing new facilities and signing more business deals with leading food and retail brands.

David McDonald is also the COO of OSI Group. Previously, he worked for the company as a project manager. The executive leader is the chairman of North American Meat Institute. He is also Marfrig Global Foods S.A.’s independent director. McDonald has a science degree from the Iowa State University.

Learn more about David MacDonald of OSI on Bloomberg

The Slandering Of George Soros

The Scapegoat of the Right

The right is absolutely in love with demonizing Gorge Soros. It is common to see people such as Glenn Beck and other conservative pundits attempt to find ways to attack Soros and accuse him of trying to create a one world government with himself at the helm. These conspiracy theories are easily disproved, but they appeal to a very common unfounded fear. Anti-Semites and others who believe that wealthy Jews are danger to them fear George Soros. The Right exploits this for points with their base regardless of the consequences. The truth couldn’t be any further from that. George Soros is clearly a man with a strong love of capitalism. Learn more on snopes.com about George.

A Mountain Of Lies

The best way to understand these lies is to look at Glenn Beck. He has risen through the ranks of the right wing media network by making himself into a sort of clown on their behalf. This is often seen by many as mere tomfoolery, bit it’s clear that Glenn Beck isn’t doing something benign or innocent. There are actually people who believe the things he says including the many conspiracy theories he espouses about George Soros. So many people think that Soros, a hedge fund manager, is in fact a sort of communist or someone else trying to undermine the American economy. If these claims are allowed to continue, it not only spreads lies but produces a very dangerous political environment. People cannot be allowed to spread false rumors or accuse Soros of things he almost certainly would never even consider advocating ever.

What’s Really True About Soros?

George Soros is anything but the lies that Beck has spread about him. He is a strong supporter of capitalism and a firm believer in free markets. He has actually helped a number of countries escape communism and transition into capitalism. One thing that George Soros understands is that you cannot have an open society without capitalism. People need to be free to make as much money as they and to with their lives as they see fit. When people are able to make their own money, they are able to determine their outcomes in life. This what Glenn Beck and others get so horribly wrong about George Soros.

Read his profile at Forbes.

About George Soros

George Soros is a hedge fund manager known for his support of Left wing politics. In the 70s he made himself one of the most prominent supporters of ending Apartheid and he made major plays towards bringing democracy to Eastern Europe. Regardless of the recent turn of events he continues to just about everything he can to improve the world for those with less than him.

Roberto Santiago Understands The Needs Of His Shoppers At Manaira Shopping

Roberto Santiago is richly celebrated as an exceptional businessman in Brazil. Mr. Santiago owns the leading shopping market in the entire state of Paraiba. The market is so gigantic that its the size of some small cities and is looked upon by people as being the biggest market in the whole Brazilian country. Mr. Santiago discovered his fame at the age of 30 years old when he finished construction on the market in 1989. Now, Roberto is 58 and knows that endless generations will discover happiness in the services that are offered from his enormous production.

Roberto Santiago began as a writer for a blog website online from his enormous familiarity with Brazil, his home nation. Roberto’s tremendously appealing articles attracted to him a great quantity of followers and tons of respect. Roberto is also a talented director and producer. Nevertheless his principal triumphant project is Manaira Shopping market which is situated in Joao Pessoa. The mall is effortless to get to by the preponderance of people from Joao Pessoa, the capital of Paraiba.

Almost everything conceivable can be found within the market’s immensely large form. They stock furniture, jewelry, clothing, books, gyms, banks, bowling alleys, theaters and areas committed to instructing university courses. Read more articles on Roberto’s Blogspot.

Nearly everybody in the state chooses to shop at Manaira as a one-stop spot for their needs. There are gorgeous gardens, enormous food courts, several bars and a fantastic selection of restaurants with meals produced by Chefs. The Manaira market is thought of as a focal point for activity. It has 11 extremely sophisticated cinemas, each with contemporary equipment, a bar inside of each room, VIP screenings, 3D areas, and stadium seating to maximize the presentations offered by their remarkable audio and visual setup.

Domus Hall is renowned as a concert hall that is positioned on top of Manaira market. The concert hall is designed as a two-story high building and can stand 10,000 patrons inside of it. The hall displays exhibitions, several artistic events and fantastic live events. There are private areas within the hall for partaking in concerts with family members or friends only. Every private room is protected with acoustic buffering to keep the performance truly private.

The amusement park inside of the market is roomy and displays over 200 variety of games to fit the interests of the young & the old too. The park expands over 1800 square meters. The bowling lanes are where the owner of the market, Roberto Santiago is often found. Roberto is an enthusiastic bowler and sports fan. In fact, Mr. Santiago has a great amount of awards that he won during motocross events and kart competitions that he won from all across South America. Visit TripAdvisor to read more.