Surf Air Adds New Benefits And Destinations To Their Luxury Travel Membership Programs

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, the waiting and inconvenience you encounter at the airport is enough to make you stop. Surf Air offers a membership program that allows you to fly as much as you want, with enhanced TSA and customs screenings, exclusive luxury vacation packages, and private waiting rooms. While they originally offered destinations in California, they now have routes to multiple cities in Europe as well as to the East Coast of the United States.

How does Surf Air offer all of these amenities to their members? By partnering with other exclusive travel services. Surf Air partners with All Roads North, The Private Suite LAX, FoundersCard, JetClass, and Blade to offer unique travel experiences.

A travel experience with Surf Air starts on the way to the airport. Your boarding pass and baggage check have already been taken care of. If you arrive to the airport early, you will enjoy waiting for your flight in a private suite complete with a bed big enough for two, a food pantry, your own private bathroom, and a view. If you don’t arrive at the airport early, no problem. Surf Air will drive you straight to your flight. Just make sure to arrive at least fifteen minutes before takeoff.

Surf Air’s California destinations include trips to Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, and more. Destinations to the U.S. include the coast of New Jersey, Nantucket, Newport, East Hampton, Southampton, Montauk, Quogue, Westchester, and New York City. European locations include Munich, Zurich, Milan, Luxembourg, Geneva, Vienna, and more.

About Surf Air
Surf Air is a program that targets travelers who fly frequently for business or pleasure who are looking to reduce the stress and time wasted at airports. They provide luxury weekend vacation packages and charter services to their members.

Book Your Fagali’i Flight And Visit The Robert Louis Stevenson Museum

The Fagali’l aiprort has been a destination airport for years for getting anxious tourists closer The Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, which was the home of the late great Scottish author and explorer, Robert Louis Stevenson. It is a frequently visited museum by tourists from all over the world and its striking aesthetic beauty of construction and location, in which provides breathtaking territorial visual views of amazement, influences weddings, parties, meetings and more to take place there for sheer gratification. After visiting his mansion, tourist have the option to visit his grave site, which is conveniently located at the top of Mt. Vaea, a place to sufficiently overlook Apia.

The Fagali’l airport, before flying in a larger customer base from the American Samoan, it was strict to flights going only to and from Savai’i.


It all started when the Fagali’i airports airstrip consisted of just grass. The Polynesian airlines and the Samoan government knew it was time for an upgrade of their airport, as many other airlines were way ahead of them in such regard, and so they upgraded the airstip to pavement. Once this change happened, a concern was addressed, unfortunately. According to the new and improved airstrip would serve as a hazardous condition of its noise level to the Fagali’i village and as a result the airport would shut its doors from business.

A few years later, the airport was up and running again after all hazardous conditions were met. When the Fagali’i airport came back into business existence, it added a new to and from flight that would increase their customer count and broaden their diversity. A flight to and from the territorial capital of American Samoan, Pago, Pago, would be added.

Now, all tourist looking to get a first hand experience with the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, can now do so, and their dreams can now become a realty according to

Apia is just a few minutes from the Fagali’i airport. Consists of an 85 degree weather average all year long – even in the winter – and consist of beautiful beaches, delectable Samoan foods and adventurous jungle trails.

Come visit the remarkable experiences of Apia! Book your Fagali’i flight today!