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Buy Into The Vision With Wes Edens.

It is done! The Milwaukee Bucks have won the championship. What is left? The parade has happened, the sports media has spun a million narratives, and most of their story has been told. Yet, people want more information. What is left to talk about? What is left to discuss? One story that has not been talked about is how Wes Edens and the ownership group helped turn this franchise around. It is easy to forget that sports is a business, that every team is its own organization, but this is core to the success and failure of many teams. Many have noticed how some teams fail year after year, while others seem to always get back to the top, that is not by mistake, but because of good leadership.

The NBA championship that the Milwaukee Bucks won is not just because of great coaching or because of great collective play by their players. Well, of course all of those things are paramount, but so is top-down leadership. The kind of leadership that comes straight down from the owners and permeates the entire team culture. Think about teams like the Patriots, Warriors and Miami Heat, all of these teams are known to have a culture that starts from the owners, down to the front office, to the coaches, and then to the players. This is the type of fundamental change that Wes Edens and the ownership group made in Milwaukee.

There is no doubt that the group of investors who bought the team in 2014 know a thing or 1 billion about leadership. Every co-owner including Wes Edens of Fortress Investment Group has an investment background, but most importantly they are founders and CEOs of top companies. In most cases, these are self-made men who know how not only to captain their ship, but to have people buy into their vision. Having everyone buy into a collective vision is the most important thing.

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