Whitney Wolfe Rises From The Ashes

Whitney Wolfe had found that the world of Internet business can be a harsh and frustrating world early in her career. Her and her boyfriend had created a dating application online known as Tinder. This was an application that allowed users to select potential matches by flicking through images and clicking on the profiles that interested them. It seemed to be a great success story, working with someone she loved and creating a product that they could call their own. Success was fleeting though as her boyfriend and boss Justin Mateen started treating her in a derogatory manner. She left the hostile environment, received an undisclosed settlement from Tinder and found that Mateen had been suspended and later quit. Find out more on her article at Forbes

It would appear to be a time to celebrate, but Whitney Wolfe was not ready to do that at that point in her life. She was left without a job and searching for an idea of what to do next in her career. She was approached by Andrey Andreev to join the management team of Badoo.com, which was a competitor of Tinder. She declined at that time as she had soured on the the Internet dating industry and was contemplating other potential business opportunities.

Nobody could blame Whitney Wolfe, as anyone in her shoes would understand wanting to be out of the spotlight. People that did not know her were criticizing her in public over the situation with Masteen and Tinder and she experienced the horror of being raped and abused according to an article on Forbes.com. In the end, being a victim opened a door into her mind about creating a new business for women to help them take control

This was when she started to form the concept for what became the business idea for Bumble. Whitney Wolfe created a concept for Bumble where communication could only be initiated by a female. Male users could not initiate contact, they could only respond. Andreev and her reconnected on a professional level and worked together to make the online presence of Bumble a success, helping Wolfe rise from frustration to success

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The Success of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a top investment firm that manages billions of dollars of assets for their customers. The company has a diversified global list of customers. The company got its start in 1998 and has grown to have over seventeen hundred clients from around the world. The clients include investors who invest their money in private equity firms, real estate, nd permanent capital strategies.

Fortress Investment Group is able to deliver results to clients due to how the company cares about making sure their clients see the best returns from their investments. They have established long lasting relationships with their clients. Their nine hundred or so employees work to manage and protect their investors’ assets. They have around two hundred experts that solely specialize in investments. Their min office is located in New York with affiliate offices spread out across the globe.

Asset based investing, operations management, capital markets, knowledge of specific sectors and corporate mergers and acquisitions are areas of expertise Fortress Investment Group focuses on. The company is able to aid investors with a variety of these investments. They have the strategies, insight and experience to direct investors down the right path to seeing the best return on their investment.

Investors seek out this firm for many reasons. One reason is how this firm has created relationships with top business people, executives and members of boards that allow for investors to easily make their merger and acquisition decisions. Another reason is because this firm can create financial vehicles that have long term effects of ushering in cash for investors.

A third reason is how the firm understands the structural and operational needs of a business investment. Investors seek out this firm due to their direction and advice about financing and purchasing both financial and physical assets. Lastly, the company is aware of many different types of sectors that are most likely going to return investors a great amount on the capital that they invested.

Fortress Investment Group will continue to pride themselves on being a leader in asset management for their global array of clients who are always looking for the strategies and team to guide them.

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Payments Industry Blog

Western Union recently announced the addition of eco-Pay from the PSI-Pay global online platform for UK customers. This now enables customers with eco accounts to top up funds using Western Union.


Western Union, one of the largest and oldest money transfer services, is excited about the new cross-currency venture. The integration helps unlock new growth in the forever-growing digital world. The secure and convenient system will be Western Union’s first UK wallet agent.


The network has expanded to more than 150 countries. The transactions are seamless, instant and secure. The best thing about PSI-Pay is it works in conjunction with cryptocurrencies. This method is based on supply and demand as opposed to electronic forms of currency.


Jonathan Amrani, PSI-Pay Operations Manager says he is excited about the prospects. “Western Union is a large company. With such scale, we can make it much easier to transfer money in today’s evolving financial system.”


According to the World Banking Report, nearly one-third of customers do their banking use unconventional banks for their products and services.


Today, Western Union has over 550,000 agents in countries all over the world. They process 32 transactions every second, 24 hours a day. Since its humble beginnings in 1851 as Western Union Telegraph Company, the company has focused on bridging the gap between friends, family, and businesses.


PSI-Pay was started in 2007. Like Western Union, the company has provided a number of business and banking solutions for clients all over the world. Since 2009, PSI-Pay has been the principal issuer of Mastercard. In 2017, the company joined with Visa and began supporting credit cards, pre-paid cards, and virtual cards.


“The collaboration with Western Union will open a whole new world of banking for customers. The integration will pave the way for new and proved in products and services,” said Amrani.





Dr. Clay Siegall & His Quest To Fight Cancer

Cancer has been taking lives for well-over a century, and it has left a path of broken families along the way. This dynamic disease can manifest its ugly head from human organs such as the lungs, the liver or the skin. Fighting this disease is easier said than done, but cancer treatments of the past were extremely harsh to a certain degree. Thanks to advanced technologies, the 21st century has a better grasp on how to fight cancer without making the patients feel even sicker than they already are. This is where Dr. Clay Siegall comes into the frame, and he has helped to reshape cancer research.

Dr. Siegall says that Seattle Genetics actually wines and dines its business associates. It actually took the company a full-decade before it became profitable. In other words, it took Seattle Genetics 10 years before it received its IPO. This business isn’t for the faint of heart, especially is you don’t have any patience. Everything takes times when dealing with medications because these drugs are so powerful. Dr. Siegall has implemented three core principles into the company’s program and this includes scientific innovation, drug development and rigorous research. ADCETRIS is the company’s flagship drug, but it took years before the drug received its FDA-approval.

Unfortunately, time isn’t on anyone’s side when dealing with cancer, but this process has been put in place for a reason. Pharmaceutical drugs must be thoroughly tested to the highest degree. “I’ve worked with Bristol Meyers Squibb for six years, and I’ve worked for the National Institute of Health for at least three years,” said Siegall. This phenomenal man has multiple degrees in multiple subjects, and he has written 70 publications that pertain to cancer research. Though the fight against cancer is an ongoing adventure of ups and downs, the future has a much brighter outlook than in eras of the past.

Robert Ivy Receives A Prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy has been awarded the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award from the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. This award was given to Robert for a lifetime of trailblazing in the field of architecture in America. Mississippi is his home state, and he was awarded in Jackson before a crowd of many people who have gotten to know him over the years. This article explains how Robert has become a luminary in the world of building design. See Related Articles at archinect.com

Robert’s Connection To World Architecture

Robert Ivy is connected to the world of architecture outside America. He has done quite a lot of work with people whose names everyone knows. He has worked with people such as I.M. Pei, and he has drawn inspiration from the greats like Frank Lloyd Wright. He has been recognized because many of his buildings populate his home state. He has his own style that has inspired others, and it has changed how people approach the art of architecture.

His Writing

Robert Ivy has written about architecture in many places, and he is best known for an anthology he has done of architecture in Asia. He has worked with McGraw-Hill for some time, and he is responsible for making western architecture more accessible to eastern designers.

His mission to expand the world of architecture also includes biographies of great architects. He wants the younger generation to learn about these architects, and he hopes that these books because texts for the future.


Robert Ivy is the Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects. His current role with the organization sees him hoping to expand membership. He wants more people to join early so that they may learn as young as possible. He is hoping to increase the profile of the group, and he wants to offer more educational opportunities to the people who join.

Robert Ivy has been given a lifetime achievement award because he has never stopped working. He wants to see the world of architecture grow as more people learn how to design and make the world beautiful.

Find out more: https://www.aia.org/leadership  


Come to Upolu, and Come to Paradise

From beautiful mountains to stunning deep sea pools, from untouched forests to white sand beach, from the big city to small coastal villages the beautiful Island of Upolu has something from everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a history buff, a cultural hawk, a food aficionado, or just a beach bum, this remarkable island offers everything that you could want from a South Pacific vacation spot, but with fewer crowds and a much smaller price tag.

Upolu is the smaller of the two major islands that make up the Samoan Archipelago. The larger island of Savai’i, which serves as the capital of the nation of Samoa, is nearby. On Upolu, the largest city is the island capital of Apia. Apia is located on the northern coast and is the center of culture, commerce, and tourism. Here you will find major museums, large hotels, gourmet dining, and world-class shopping. Just outside of town you will be able to enjoy amazing golf at the Royal Samoan Golf Course. Apai is also the location of the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum. The museum is located in the world-renowned writer’s massive mansion. He loved Upolu and Samoan people so much that he forsook his native Scotland to take up residence on the island, and is even buried there on a hilltop overlooking his beloved former estate and the beauty of the island’s interior beyond. Learn more about Fagali Airport at booking.com

The main reason to visit the South Pacific is, of course, the beautiful white sand beaches and Upolu has no shortage of those. There are also sea pools, tidal ponds, and blue lagoons to explore and enjoy. No matter if you like to scuba, skin dive, snorkel, wade, or just laze away on the beach with a book on your iPad you will find the perfect spot to do it on Upolu. In the evenings, you can dance the night away at the clubs, catch a show, or enjoy other amazing nightlife activities in Apia.

Getting to Upolu is easy, the island has its own world-class airport Fagali’i. Fagali’I is also known as the “little miracle” airport, as well as “gateway to paradise”. The main arrival and departure location on the island, and the only outlet for air travel, Fagali’I serves not only the needs of the tourists who visit every year but also the local inhabitants of Upolu. Several airlines offer inter-island service via Fagali’I and there is connection service to international flights via shuttle flights to Pago Pago and American Samoa.

Why take your next vacation to one of those overplayed, overprices, and overcrowded spots in the Caribbean or Mediterranean. The South Pacific has always been a great choice, and you can get a lot more vacation for your time and money to be sure. Come to Upolu and know what it means to visit paradise on earth. Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfEnb3wwtYo


The Unique Skills that Saw Peter Briger Join Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is one of the CEOs of Fortress Investment Group who joined the company in 2002 and became the head of credit and hedge fund sector of the organization. He has been one of the pillars that have stood with the company in times of economic crises to ensure that its operations remained running smoothly and also to ensure that the organization maintains its leadership position in the investment management industry. Having graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Princeton University, Peter Briger felt it was necessary to advance his career by pursuing a master degree at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. This was immediately before starting his career journey at the Goldman Sachs where he got his first employment.

At the company, Peter Briger was trusted for various roles of running the operations of the organization in both operational and managerial capacities. He later raised ranks and even became responsible for the leadership of his entire department and even became one of the top managers of the organizations. While still at the company, Briger enrolled for professional courses in finance and investment which further equipped him with more skills and proficiency in the effective management of investment instruments and distressed assets. This was the main reason why the board of directors at Fortress Investment Group preferred him in the interview that was conducted to seek an investment expert who would manage the new asset strategies that they had contemplated incorporating into the company’s portfolio.

The move by Peter Briger to Fortress Investment Group was quite instrumental to the growth and improved performance of the organization. First, Briger transformed Fortress into an alternative business by initiating the management of real estate and credit fund under its portfolio on behalf of its clients. Another improvement that Peter Briger brought to Fortress Group was the refurbishing of the customer service department to become more vibrant and efficient. This was because Peter understood that the clients were the main pillar that supported the existence of the organization and without their satisfaction, the company was doomed to fail. This has led to the drastic increase in the organization’s client base.

Bruno Fagali: Choosing A Reputable Attorney In Brazil

When a legal problem occurs you will need to hire a lawyer. And, to ensure that you are getting a reliable lawyer like Bruno Fagali, you should look at the track record. You’ll want to hire a lawyer or law firm that renders excellent service in the legal community.

Perhaps you are wondering why Bruno Fagali comes highly recommended in the industry. Maybe you want to find out how Bruno can help you get good results. Many professionals and organizations rave about the top notch service that Bruno provides to them. Entrepreneurs and high-profile individuals, throughout Brazil, turn to Bruno Fagali for outstanding legal guidance and representation. See Related articles at Jota.

When you you or your organization encounters a complex legal matter, you need to look for the best lawyer you can afford. With so many lawyers and law offices to choose from it is advisable to do your research before making a decision. Once you have a reliable law group on your side, you can rest assured the matter will be resolved appropriately.

Before making a hiring decision, it is crucial to get a consultation with the lawyer. When you discuss with the lawyer, you should be able to make an informed decision. You will want to pay attention to how the lawyer addresses your concerns.

Next, you need to discuss fees and be sure that you can handle any payment plans offered by the law firm or attorney. Look at the price that the attorney charges. You want to be certain that you are going to hire a good lawyer and that you are going to pay reasonable fees for his or her services.

When you decide to go with Bruno Fagali, you will be presented with the information you need about attorney fees and other pertinent issues. He is a reliable legal practitioner and he strives to meet his clients’ needs.

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Nick Vertucci Journey towards Regaining His Fortune

Nick Vertucci is a prominent real estate investor. He ventured into entrepreneurship when he was 18 years old. He initially invested in computer accessories that later crashed following ‘dot cot’ bubble. This crash was so severe such that he lost all that he had to the extent that he was about to lose his home. However, Nick Vertucci did not give up after losing all his fortune. He established a real estate academy and called it by his name, Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA). This institution picked up very well and retained his position as an investor.

Nick accepts that he made various mistakes that led to the crash of his previous business. This time around, Nick got himself a mentor to help him upgrade his mindset and change his way of thinking. This way, he managed to generate mental strength that he instilled in his real estate investment. He experiences improvement in his business and his life in general. Later on, he authored a book entitles, Seven Figures Decision: Having the Balls to Succeed. He used this book to share to the newbies and the aspiring entrepreneurs in the real estate business. He shared his personal experience and how he has managed to rise through thick and thin to his current status.

Nick Vertucci also directed this book to those who were are currently going through challenges in their businesses. This book has 350 pages that give an outline of the steps and strategies that he implemented and regained his financial freedom once more. This book is the best seller in Amazon, and he has sold over 1000 copies. It has also received a five-star rating in the business memoir category. Nick Vertucci has stood out among many investors in that he is ever ready to assist and share his experiences with the other investors. He is a role model and a mentor to many real estate investors.

Find out more about Nick Vertucci: https://ideamensch.com/nick-vertucci/

Surf Air Adds New Benefits And Destinations To Their Luxury Travel Membership Programs

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, the waiting and inconvenience you encounter at the airport is enough to make you stop. Surf Air offers a membership program that allows you to fly as much as you want, with enhanced TSA and customs screenings, exclusive luxury vacation packages, and private waiting rooms. While they originally offered destinations in California, they now have routes to multiple cities in Europe as well as to the East Coast of the United States.

How does Surf Air offer all of these amenities to their members? By partnering with other exclusive travel services. Surf Air partners with All Roads North, The Private Suite LAX, FoundersCard, JetClass, and Blade to offer unique travel experiences.

A travel experience with Surf Air starts on the way to the airport. Your boarding pass and baggage check have already been taken care of. If you arrive to the airport early, you will enjoy waiting for your flight in a private suite complete with a bed big enough for two, a food pantry, your own private bathroom, and a view. If you don’t arrive at the airport early, no problem. Surf Air will drive you straight to your flight. Just make sure to arrive at least fifteen minutes before takeoff.

Surf Air’s California destinations include trips to Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, and more. Destinations to the U.S. include the coast of New Jersey, Nantucket, Newport, East Hampton, Southampton, Montauk, Quogue, Westchester, and New York City. European locations include Munich, Zurich, Milan, Luxembourg, Geneva, Vienna, and more.

About Surf Air
Surf Air is a program that targets travelers who fly frequently for business or pleasure who are looking to reduce the stress and time wasted at airports. They provide luxury weekend vacation packages and charter services to their members.