The Trabuco And It’s Role In Warfare

The first record of a trabuco used in warfare is when a Chinese commander invented the trabuco in the 1100’s while warring against the Mongols. The design is simply built, using wood and a heavy counterweight, taking just a few hours to a few days to complete depending on the size of the trabuco and the weight of the objects that the trabuco will be throwing.

Traditional trabucos use a counterweight the swings over the top of the mechanism so that it has the strength to throw the object on the carry through. The trabuco was effective in converting potential energy into kinetic energy. This made trabucos very handy at destroying defensive walls or even fortifications so that the invading army can enter with ease. For the record on, the Mongols never did gain ground with the Chinese commander and were not able to take the cities at that time.

After the 1200’s according to, the popularity of the trabuco was reaching across Europe to the point the French were perfecting the trabuco, eventually creating a machine that could fire every 15 seconds. By the 1400’s trabucos were being used for war craft across many different battlefields. Their design made trabucos easy to breakdown and carry over any terrain but by the mid 1400’s trabucos were starting to be replaced by gunpowder and cannons as the most destructive force on the battlefield.

In modern times the trabuco is used more in engineering or science classes than in modern warfare. Trabucos are used as examples of how to convert potential energy into kinetic energy. Although there are smaller ones in existence that are used for throwing competitions and demonstrations. Trabucos hold a special place in the history of warfare. They are examples of the very first in large armed machines, used for warring purposes. To read more about trabucos, please click at

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How Doe Deere Turned her Passion for Expression into a Successful Business

Doe Deere first made a splash in the field of fashion with her colorful strands of hair and non-traditional choices of makeup. The success of her cosmetic company Lime Crime, is directly linked to this entrepreneur’s passion for creativity. Her entrepreneurial skills began to shine through when she was a young adolescent living in Russia. She turned a profit by selling temporary tattoos to her schoolmates after popularizing them by wearing them as the latest fad in fashion. Although Ms. Deere was born and raised in Russia, at the impressionable age of 17 she moved to New York. Learn more:

Amid the hub-bub of New York’s diverse cultural atmosphere, Doe became drawn to the world of music. Her first business endeavor involved being a musician with a band. Although she later exchanged this dream for one involving fashion, she did learn a lot about the world of business during the time she spent in a band. This is also where she met the man who would eventually become both her partner in life and in business. She describes the partnership she has with her husband as one that became a collaborate effort right from the start.

Many of Lime Crime’s loyal customers might not know that the company’s founder had attended FIT in New York in the hopes of eventually launching her own line of fashions. After posting several photos of herself modeling her fashions, she soon discovered she had a following for the makeup she used to express her unique sense of style. Like clothing, Doe Deere believes makeup is an extension of fashion, which provides individuals with the ability to express themselves. What began for Doe Deere as a way to step beyond the boundaries of neutral-colored makeup, quickly turned into a desire to meet the overwhelming need others had to express their own unique personalities.

As a leading female entrepreneur in today’s business world, Ms. Deere is often asked for advice on how to succeed in business. She continually encourages women of all ages to tap into their inner passion to find what truly motivates them. She believes that everyone has something unique to offer, which is what they need to get in touch with in order to stay focused on their dream, regardless of how unusual it might seem. Although Doe Deere often felt alone in her desire to use bold and innovative colors for her hair and makeup, she soon discovered she was not.