The Career Development of Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert

Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert is a prominent business executive and the former CEO of United Technologies Corporation. UTC is the greatest company in the aerospace industry. It is, however, a conglomerate business that has other business under it. The largest business Pratt & Whitney deals with the production of jet engines.

The success of UTC in the past two decades has the direct input of Louis Chenevert. Although he was appointed CEO in 2008, he started working in the company in 1993. He started by working for one of the subsidiary business under the conglomerate. He worked his way up by showing good results every year until he got to the highest position in the company. It is undeniable that Chenevert is a brilliant businessman who worked his way up from the bottom until he became a top executive in the United States.

Louis Chenevert always wanted to be a businessman. From a young age, he wanted to join business so that he could accomplish his dreams. He was driven by passion for hard work since he was born from a humble background. Everything that he has achieved has been through commitment and hard work. From the word go, he knew where he wanted to be. So, when he joined the university, he took a course in Production Management. With knowledge in production, he could fit into any business. Production is a key element of any business, and if it is managed properly, it will lead to success in all other departments.

Louis Chenevert joined UTC through is its subsidiaries. He joined Pratt & Whitney Canada where he impressed with good results that he was called to join Pratt & Whitney in the United States. Pratt & Whitney is one biggest manufacturer of jet engines. Chenevert was able to rise to the position of the president in this organization by showing impressive records in other position she has been given.

Louis Chenevert was appointed CEO of UTC in 2008 and managed the company till 2014. He left a good track record of achievements which laid the foundation for long-term growth. Subsequent CEOs will have an easy time picking from where he left by riding on his success.

Francisco J Domenech`s Leadership Acumen

Francisco J Domenech was born on 29th April 1978 in Puerto Rico. He went to school at Blessed Trinity School in Florida and Forest High school. He later joined the Puerto Rico University to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He rejoined the University`s school of Law, and in 2003 graduated with a Juris Doctorate. In 1998, he was elected the President in charge of his faculty. Later on in 1999 to 2000, he served as the University`s President of the whole Student body, and made history as the first and last statehooder to hold the position. He also served as the Academic Senator and represented the students before the Academic senate. Follow Domenech on Twitter.

Francisco is currently a partner and director at Politank, a national law firm with specialty in formulating strategies used in the representation of private agendas to the government. Between 2005 and 2008, Francisco Domenech served as the head in the office of Legislative activities under the PR of Legislative Assembly. During his time he was led a team of 130 people, improved services given in the legislative Library, even to the physically challenged and he blind. He controlled a budget of over $11 million and always refunded the surplus in all the years. Francisco is keen in his legislative duties and in his 3 years, he pushed for the enactment of over 800 legislations.

Before his appointment in the organization, Francisco had served in different capacities as a practicing lawyer. He once worked as the chief legal advisor to the senate’s President. He represented the senate before the courts and gave legal advice to the house. He was in charge of the general counsel activities both in the house and outside. His most memorable moment was his participation in the court of appeal during the en banc hearing involving the first circuit.

Between 2007 and 2012, Francisco represented the youth in the Democratic National committee. He was instrumental in the win of Hillary Clinton during the primaries where she beat her Arch rival Barrack. He doubled up as the co-chair heading the ready for Hillary fundraisers in the country. His position in the fundraiser allowed him to sit in the national campaign organizing committee for Hillary. In the 2016 election, he was the campaign manager for Jennifer Gonzalez who won the sit as Puerto Rico`s youngest residential commissioner. Visit:


Dr Rick Shinto Drives InnovaCare to Success

Dr Richard Shinto is now the renowned CEO and president of InnovaCare, Inc. However, his career started as a pulmonologist in the medical profession in South California. Since the onset of his career, the resume of this great man has grown to be quiet impressive including his career in writing articles on healthcare issues and clinical medicine. Dr Shinto has a degree in B.S after going to the University of California. He also has a degree in medicine from the New York University. His MBA was acquired from the University of Redlands.

Dr Shinto is reputable for his incredible drive to change the Innovacare Health. He has also acquired credit for the success of the company as a whole. He believes that Innovacare will expand to the level of getting into other industries and make significant changes which will benefit patients. After he became the CEO of the company, the Shinto became famous for his inspiration drive to other people in the workplace. The success story of Innovacare can be traced from such attributes of this great man.

One of the most crucial things which have made the company grow at a rapid rate is that it operates on the principle of customers come first. That has made the company to be able to deliver the best services which go beyond the expectations of the clients. The CEO believes that the best advertisement a business can have is the satisfaction to its clients. Fully satisfied clients can recommend another customer to the services they acquired thus building a more extensive client pool for the firm.

Rick Shinto has a belief that a great communication model in any company is great in creating transparency as well as promoting improved idea sharing. That assists in solving the most complex challenges which may be in the company. The top CEO says that a healthy relationship between the caregivers and the clients promotes excellent results in any treatment. The healthy relationship encourages credibility and transparency on both sides which even attracts more clients in the venture.

Dr Shinto has since his enrollment led the entire company towards achieving the best goals of the company. As a leader, Dr Shinto has demonstrated the best supervision skills on his team and ensured that every person works hard towards the achievement of the company objectives.

Before becoming the CEO of the InnovaCare, the Doctor was the CEO and president of Aveta Inc.; it is on this role that the great CEO received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.



How Battles Were Won Using The Trabuco

Most people have heard of the Catapult, but few have heard of an ancient war machine that was called the Trabuco. This was a machine that worked on the same concept as the catapult, but it was a lot more effective and could bring about a lot more damage as the accuracy was a lot better. So what was the history of this war machine and what was the downfall that led to it being retired from use? These answers are not as hard for you to find as you might think that they are.

First much like the catapult, this machine was able to destroy enemy walls by throwing large items like stones a long distance. This gave them a bigger advantage as they could attack from a distance and thus led to fewer men being killed in combat. The height of its use came in the middle ages when battles seem to break out at the least little thing.


The first recorded use of the Trabuco came in 400 B.C when it was first conceived in China according to The concept came from a very easy and sometimes effective weapon for the slingshot. The concept was taken to the much larger level and thus the Trabuco came into existence. The entire structure was made from wood and it would take a group of men having to pull on the smaller lever to pull it back and then they would let go of the lever and the stones which weighed between 140 and 400 pounds would be launched at their target. The concept would be brought then to Europe about two hundred years later.

It was in Europe that the Trabuco got a remodel and it became a little more evolved than it’s earlier concept. It now had the potential for a couple of versions, the counterweight version as well as the traction version. each of these had their advantages and disadvantages that made them ideal to use in the time of the battle. these new versions were now able to hurl stones that weighed as much as 1500 kilos at their targets. This allowed it to do a lot more damage than the previous version according to

With the advent of gunpowder and cannons, this war machine saw it’s glory days come to an end. there were now weapons that had a bigger punch they provided as well as they were easier to carry and a lot smaller. The Trabuco may not still be in use today, but the basic concept of it still lives on to teach about physics and mechanics in today’s world.


Freedom Checks -What is it?

The purpose of this information is to demystify “freedom checks”, a big long check that appears to come from the Government in the form of tax refund. It is almost impossible for ordinary people to choose from hundreds of money-making opportunities like thi, appearing on the internet on a daily basis. What Matt Badiali, the founder of freedom checks and his associates want to make sure is that people are genuinely informed about their choices.

Unfortunately, most novice investors are eager to become rich overnight without thinking about the consequences which can be all too frightening and life-changing. Unsuitable and fake investments present the potential of going bankrupt. Are freedom checks an answer to all the risks of adverse financial choices? At this point, we cannot say it is. But compared to many other money related opportunities, this is a relatively safe way to help people build wealth, according to Matt. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.

In order to clearly understand these checks, Matt Badiali has devised a system, the information of which can be found in his official website. They are intended to provide investors with background of freedom checks and various aspects of the business of this idea to assist investors in making decisions about investing. For others who want to have a quick review of this product, think of it as a Master Limited Partnerships or MLPs. MLPs are business partnerships where a group of investors buy shares in a company. This means it has the same tax-related benefits like that of a limited liability partnership. Taxes are calculated only on the profit received by the shareholders or investors.

Now as to the question of whether MLPs are scams, the answer is no. MLPs are devices used by real investors in real time markets. Freedom checks is just a fancy name given by Matt for this type of investment. There are basically two types of these checks – one where the partners purchase shares and provide initial capital and second type where the partners manage the functioning of the MLP. As first-time or experienced investors, we have often seen the consequences of the failure to differentiate between good and bad investments. And Matt has valuable advice in this area as well.

Note that, this is not a legal advice and nothing stated in this snippet should be relied on as such. Any potential investor needs to consult a financial adviser as a precaution. Visit:


Freedom Checks Explained

Have you heard about Freedom Checks in the media in recent times? Probably yes. The ad from Banyan Hill has been on talk radio for some time. What really are freedom checks? The first impression created by the ad is that these are the tickets to financial freedom that we all might be looking for. The deal being advertised seem s too good to be true. Many have criticized them as just another scam that promises get-rich-quick access to money. Although the ad seems to be over-stretching the truth, the program is not technically a scam. There is truth in it, only that it is not easy to make money through the program as it is made to look in the ads. Read this article at Money Morning.

By visiting the freedom checks website, there numerous testimonials of people who have “won” huge amount checks. People are claiming to have earned up to $160,000. Critics of this program have described the testimonials as “fake.” Some of the testimonials do not represent true people, and there is nothing like checks being handed. However, this is the opinion of the critics and not necessarily the truth. The website also indicates that there is about $34.6 billion to be earned. It is upon the people to make the necessary steps to get a share of the money.

To understand whether freedom checks are a scam or not, one needs first to understand who Matt Badiali is. Badiali is financial and mining expert. Although he is trained as a geologist, his inclination is towards the financial aspect of the mining industry. He is applying his understanding of the mining industry to help people understand some of the best investment opportunities in the mining industry. He has a Master in Geology from Florida Atlantic University and Bachelor in Earth Sciences from the Penn State University. He has also worked closely with financial experts in the investment industry to understand how they can take advantage of the opportunities in the mining sector. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Crunchbase.

The freedom checks which Matt Badiali is advertising are not fake. It is a real investment strategy only that reading from the ad one may not get the real truth behind it. It is an investment strategy which rewards investors who invest in Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). By investing in these partnerships, one earns a certain reward, and that is what Badiali is calling the freedom check. It is a good scheme which anyone can try out after fully understanding how it works. Check:


A Look Into the Accomplishments of Brian Torchin


With a massive following and utilization of social media to connect people with suitable jobs, Brian Torchin has created a portfolio of top skills in the medical industry. He is a big influencer in the corporate world and has had massive success in his career. His educational accomplishments qualified him for a professional career as a chiropractor that enabled him to set up a clinic. This was the beginning of his journey on positively influencing the lives of many people and creating a massive following. He is the founder of HCRC (Health Care Recruitment Counselors) staffing; a company that has adopted smarter ways of recruitment. According to him, Social media provides the capability of fast access to billions of people all over the world. It is a grand strategy to narrow down your scope of possible candidates for a particular field. Visit for more info.

The HCRC possess many links to the organization’s blogs where they discuss ideas and questions of most staffing challenges. The HCRC is among his most significant accomplishment that has managed to connect healthcare professionals to the centers that are short of staff. The services are also extended to other healthcare professionals in the medical industry. Currently, the firm provides services to over two hundred firms as well as personal clients in various regions of the globe. Based on the huge turnover experienced in medical facilities, the links established by HCRC aim at filling up an empty slot in a maximum of three days. His accomplishments have led him to be featured in various media publications like CNN who highlighted his achievements in a 2014 report, “Brian Torchin Staffs Chiropractic Practices.”

Although Brian Torchin is probably a busy person, he still takes time to compose and share his knowledge through these blogs. These articles are based on how to get in touch with potential employers via social media sites. He also informs the people in the medical industry on better delivery of services in pursuit of maintaining an organized medical center. Considering his significant accomplishments and additions in the medical industry, he has created a new methodology of fulfilling staffing needs. These aim at keeping the profession as sane as possible. Learn more:



Meet Drew Madden; the IT Entrepreneur with a Passion for Bettering Healthcare

The healthcare industry has been enjoying improvements as a result of technological advances. Many healthcare players are happy that many devices are developed to improve healthcare services. Patients need to be served excellently without delays. On the other hand, healthcare staff needs to be provided with technologies that make operations easy in the facilities. It is advisable for healthcare providers to adopt technology and IT solutions that simplify their work. Technology changes now and then. Drew Madden is an IT expert who is determined to see the healthcare sector grow as a result of technological advances.

Adopting new technologies is costly, but it comes with many benefits. There are many operations in healthcare facilities that need technological improvement. Currently, many hospitals are using tracking systems that are not efficient. You will find patients delayed in hospitals because the staff is not aware of the numbers waiting to be served. With a real-time tracking system, doctors and staff will be able to see the patients in the facilities and speed up the treating process to avoid delays. Doctors also need digital systems that will help them in getting accurate medical reports for patients.

When it comes to scheduling, many healthcare organizations are using paper-based systems. The systems are not reliable as they are prone to errors. There are solutions that healthcare facilities can take on to ensure scheduling is well done. There is EVV technology that some healthcare facilities are using to monitor caregivers. The technology is preventing elderly and disabled people from being left alone by caregivers. On top of that, many other technologies have come to eliminate paperwork in healthcare facilities such as EMR.

Technology is revolutionizing the health sector. Drew Madden is one of the IT entrepreneurs who is working hard to ensure the sector enjoys growth. He has the passion for building strong client relationships and company cultures. Madden specializes in implementing, advising and optimizing EMR projects. He has worked for Cerner Corporation, Healthia Consulting, and Nordic Consulting Partners. Currently, Madden is a Managing Partner at the leading provider of healthcare IT expertise; Evergreen Consulting Partners. He is learned and holds an industrial engineering degree from the University of Iowa College of Engineering.


James Larkin in the United States of America

The United States of America offered an opportunity for James Larkin to cay out most of his activities with lots of peace. James Larkin traveled here with the initial plan of attending a particular talk that was crucial to the operations that this great man had in England.


Different feelings all over the world met the breakout of World War 1. James Larkin was not happy with the happenings, and he protested against the war. He and some leaders who held the same feelings held demonstrations in Dublin and other areas of Ireland and England, against the war.


When nothing much could be done to see the war to its end, James Larkin decided to offer a financial boost against the British. This was another reason why he traveled to the United States of America.


It was while he was abroad that the Easter Rising, Ireland, occurred. This was a very dark phase in the history of Ireland, and is the time that a great man was lost; James Connolly. Jim Larkin’s great long-term friend had died when he was away, and even through guilt gripped him for a very long time, he had to go on with his life because what was done was done. All he could do was honor his friend’s memory, something he did through the James Connolly Socialist Club, a dedication to the late Connolly.


Jim Larkin’s disruption of the Allied activities as the world war was at its peak was an offense that got him arrested and saw him jailed in 1920. He was later deported to his original homeland, Ireland, after his pardon in 1923.


Jim Larkin back home formed several unions and rejoined his old parties, some of which he had never lost membership of. However, he was considered a deserter by some of these unions’ old members, because Jim had left them at a time he was needed the most. James Larkin, however, continued empowering workers and did not let the rebellion against him affect the dreams he had for Ireland. He died when most of these dreams were fulfilled.

Securus is Doing Its Part to Eliminate Contraband Access

Illegal cell phone access is out of control in prison, and no correctional facility has found the magic formula to combat it. It’s because inmates use intelligence and creativity to smuggle phones inside the prison undetected. The result of their success extends to endless social media photos or videos flaunting weapons, doing drugs, threatening inmates and staff, or attacking inmates and staff. Correctional facilities remain perplexed on how inmates attain cell phones so easily. Until contraband phones are no more, Securus is counting on the latest innovative technology, Wireless Containment Solutions, to counter the attack.


WCS, or Wireless Containment Solutions, doesn’t stop contraband smuggling. It stops the contraband’s function. An illegal cell phone is useless if the phone is dead, and WCS succeeds in spades. In detail, Wireless Containment Solutions use an invisible, wireless network to select which calls go through and which ones do not. Numbers completing the call are 9-1-1 calls and government approved phone numbers. Securus disconnects remaining phone numbers, rendering the cell phone useless. Securus also stops cell phones from accessing the internet, so recorded video and snapped photos won’t go viral. Additionally, correctional facilities can control WCS’s signal in the prison by deciding the areas to activate its use. So far, WCS is successful. It stopped at least 1.7 million calls from connecting through from eight American correctional facilities in the past year.


As impressive as that sounds, the contraband wave isn’t stopping due to inmates finding new ways to sneak contraband over prison walls such as drones. Fortunately, Wireless Containment Solutions are a start, and several correctional facilities across the U.S. and Canada are incorporating this program into the facility. Second, Robert Johnson, a former correctional officer, agrees with our cause due to his experiences with contraband. Therefore, he’s on the team as a consultant as we expand our reach throughout Florida. Third, cell phone carriers in the area are allowing Securus to deny access to wireless carriers for illegal activity. Last, the FCC approved of our approach toward silencing contraband use. They made accessibility easier by reducing paperwork to get it.


In closing, Securus is doing our part to stop contraband use. Wireless containment solutions are a cell phone barrier stripping illegal cell phones of its power, which is communication. We continue to strengthen WCS with trial and error along with incorporating emerging, yet proven technology into the system. Equally, Securus will team with Johnson, the FCC, law enforcement, and correctional staff to fix bugs and seal security patches to create a solid, all-around system. Securus or WCS wouldn’t be possible without our customers, and we thank you.