Book Your Fagali’i Flight And Visit The Robert Louis Stevenson Museum

The Fagali’l aiprort has been a destination airport for years for getting anxious tourists closer The Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, which was the home of the late great Scottish author and explorer, Robert Louis Stevenson. It is a frequently visited museum by tourists from all over the world and its striking aesthetic beauty of construction and location, in which provides breathtaking territorial visual views of amazement, influences weddings, parties, meetings and more to take place there for sheer gratification. After visiting his mansion, tourist have the option to visit his grave site, which is conveniently located at the top of Mt. Vaea, a place to sufficiently overlook Apia.

The Fagali’l airport, before flying in a larger customer base from the American Samoan, it was strict to flights going only to and from Savai’i.


It all started when the Fagali’i airports airstrip consisted of just grass. The Polynesian airlines and the Samoan government knew it was time for an upgrade of their airport, as many other airlines were way ahead of them in such regard, and so they upgraded the airstip to pavement. Once this change happened, a concern was addressed, unfortunately. According to the new and improved airstrip would serve as a hazardous condition of its noise level to the Fagali’i village and as a result the airport would shut its doors from business.

A few years later, the airport was up and running again after all hazardous conditions were met. When the Fagali’i airport came back into business existence, it added a new to and from flight that would increase their customer count and broaden their diversity. A flight to and from the territorial capital of American Samoan, Pago, Pago, would be added.

Now, all tourist looking to get a first hand experience with the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, can now do so, and their dreams can now become a realty according to

Apia is just a few minutes from the Fagali’i airport. Consists of an 85 degree weather average all year long – even in the winter – and consist of beautiful beaches, delectable Samoan foods and adventurous jungle trails.

Come visit the remarkable experiences of Apia! Book your Fagali’i flight today!


Talk Fusion Pushes the Cutting Edge With WebRTC

Talk Fusion has endowed its worldwide network of independent marketers with yet another sharp selling point. The recent upgrade of the company’s Live Meeting software has resulted in an improved product. With the addition of browser-based WebRTC Technology to the Live Meetings application, users now can enjoy the added convenience of not needing to hassle with plug-ins like Adobe Flash Player. Also, the image and audio quality are improved. Talk Fusion has streamlined the interface of the Live Meeting product as well. Thus Live Meeting now has a smooth appearance to its conference video feed.


The upgrade makes Talk Fusion the sole provider of video and voice-based service using WebRTC technology which can accommodate an audience up to or even more massive than 500 attendees. Talk Fusion has been an innovator from the beginning. The introduction of this new technology is merely evidence of their continued commitment to remain the state of the art provider of internet-based video communication solutions around the world. Live Meetings is the company’s second product to make use of WebRTC technology. The company’s Video Chat software was the first to include WebRTC back in 2016, a development which was widely lauded by internet communication trend observers.


Mr. Bob Reina first recognized a need in 2004 when he had the idea to send a video using his AOL e-mail account and was told that it was not possible. So, he got together with his friend Johnathan Chen, who is an information technology wizard and created a way to send videos via e-mail. Thus the idea for the new business was born. Three years later the Video E-mail, Talk Fusions first products, hit the market. The company has made nothing but progress ever since. Talk Fusion is continually focusing on better ways to connect the world using video marketing solutions.


Bob Reina had a vision and walked away from a promising career in law enforcement to begin Talk Fusion in 2007. Mr. Reina completed a degree in criminology at the University of South Florida and graduated first in his class at the Tampa Bay Police Academy. During his time on the police force, he got involved with several network marketing ventures. He excelled at them, which is what gave him the confidence to execute his plan. Mr. Reina has said that success takes commitment over a period of lots of years. As CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina has always been able to energize his independent marketers by demonstrating his commitment to them and his enthusiasm for the company’s innovative products.


Besides his commitment to Talk Fusion’s people and products, Mr. Reina is also a philanthropist. A dog lover, he has a special place in his heart for pooches. Thus Bob Reina has given generously to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. His generosity does not stop there though; he also has been a benevolent contributor to the needs of orphans in Indonesia. Mr. Reina believes in giving back, and he encourages that mindset throughout the Talk Fusion network. Learn more:






NewsWatch TV Review by Saygus for Indiegogo Campaign

Saygus, the U.S. smartphone maker, recently used NewsWatch TV to promoter their latest campaign, indiegogo, in Spain. The promotion was held at the Mobile World Congress and was a huge success, resulting in the company exceeding their goal by over 30 percent. The Chief Executive Officer of Saygus, Tim Rush, was ecstatic about the results that NewsWatch TV gave the company, saying in part, “I would highly recommend Newswatch.” That is high praise for an American company promoting a product across the Atlantic Ocean in Barcelona, Spain. NewsWatch is able to get a company’s products and service out to the masses through their large viewership around the world, as the show is watched by millions of people each week. The news program has been used by hundreds of businesses over the past 25 years to promote their products.

NewsWatch TV began in 1990 as a monthly news program that delved into the financial industry. By the early 2000s, it had became focused on all sorts of news, not just financial, and began being aired as a 30-minute weekly program. Since 2011, NewsWatch TV began to focus on the technology sector, giving reviews and testing a number of new products produced by technology companies.

NewsWatch is hosted by a trio of reporters : Susan Bridges, Andrew Tropeano, and Michelle Ison, as they report on the consumer marketplace. They produce both news and paid segments. In the past decade the show has invited dozens of celebrity and sports figures onto the show to do segments. The show is headquartered in Washington, D.C., with remote offices in New York, Denver, and Virginia.

Roberto Santiago Made Things Better for People of Brazil

The creation of the Manaira Mall was exactly what Brazil needed to ensure the people of the country were going to have the best experience possible. Roberto Santiago knew this when he created the mall. He tried to do different things to ensure the mall would be the best place possible for people to try to go shopping and different things. It is what has allowed him the chance to make their lives better. It has also given him the chance to make things better on his own. For Roberto Santiago to do this, he had to be sure the mall was the best that it could be. He also wanted people to know what they could get out of the things they were doing. When people visit Manaira Mall, they can shop, dine and even have the chance to experience entertainment like no other mall in the country.


Since Roberto Santiago created exclusive partnerships with different designers and clothing companies, he was able to make the shopping experience in the mall the best. With this experience, people would be able to try different things. No other locations in the area were able to have the same items as Roberto Santiago had with Manaira because he had created the exclusive partnerships. It is what gave him the chance to really set Manaira apart from other malls while he was working to improve the options each person had while they were at the mall.


Even though most malls have dining options, Roberto Santiago wanted Manaira to have the best options for his customers. He wanted there to be a lot of different restaurants. The way Roberto Santiago set Manaira up was so the mall would have options for anyone to choose from when they were dining out. It is what gave him the chance to grow the restaurant and help people realize what they were able to do. It also gave him the experiences that would make Manaira the best that it could be. For Roberto Santiago to do this, he had to ensure restaurants were going to offer all of the people who came to the mall the options they needed.


Since entertainment in a mall can be difficult for people to enjoy, Roberto Santiago wanted them to have something that no other mall had. He knew that movie theaters and arcades wouldn’t be the only thing Manaira needed so he chose to make things different for the mall. It was a way for him to enjoy different things so he could make the entertainment center. When people came to the mall, they could enjoy the convention center. Roberto Santiago even put it conveniently on the roof so it wouldn’t take up valuable shopping space.


Rick Smith Brings Value to the Services of Securus Technologies

Rick Smith is a much-discussed personality in the correction services and prison technology industry. The CEO of Securus Technologies is credited for adding values to the services and solutions of the firm as well as the industry. His focus towards technology innovation and world-class service ensured Securus to rebrand as a high-value solution provider in the prison technology ecosystem. Numerous examples are there to quote the affinity of Rick towards value addition in the industry. In 2015, he led Securus to acquire JPay Inc. through a stock purchase agreement. JPay is a prominent technology company that introduced educational and entertainment apps for correction industry, electronic payments, email, and more. It also actively operates in nearly 33 state prison systems in the country. Read more articles at

Smith stated that the deal is significant and making Securus active in all the quickly growing segments of correction services, including email, payments, inmate tablets, and more. He claimed that the acquisition helped the firm to virtually provide anything of technology-based/software solutions that are needed for the correction agencies to modernize a prison or jail. Securus considered JPay as an innovator in the industry for long and noticed its prolonged success in the industry. The time has given an opportunity for Securus to combine the products and teams of JPay, Rick continued. He also added that people who are looking for best products with the highest security at the most competitive price now have a clear choice.

Interestingly, Smith wanted the JPay as an independent subsidiary under Securus, but it would get the vast resources and deep relationships of Securus to advance its sales and revenue. Considering the innovation efforts of Securus under the leadership of Rick Smith, a large number of prison authorities and correction agencies contact the firm and explain how the solutions of the company helped them to execute correction services better. In late 2016, Rick Smith confirmed that the company took many initiatives to bring advanced prison experience in the industry. He claimed that the firm regularly sends proposals for product and service developments to enforcement agencies and correction servicers at least once in a week. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

Rick further explained how the firm helped the agencies to provide adequate services to society, inmates, their families, and more. He also instilled safety into the company to make it helping to serve and protect the community. Rick Smith Securus completed his master’s in Business Administration from the renowned University of Rochester. He started his career with Eschelon Telecom Inc – a leading telecommunication company in the United States. Smith held various positions at the firm and became the Chief Operating Officer by 2000. He left the company in 2008 for Securus Technologies, and since then, he started his mission to shape the Securus as the biggest innovator in the industry.


Joe Arpaio’s arrest of Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin

October 18, 2007 Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin were forcibly removed from their Phoenix homes and arrested by Maricopa County deputies, and booked into two different Joe Arpaio’s jails.

Arpaio had heavily involved in the arrests of Lancey and Larkin. Phoenix New Times had reported on things that made Joe Arpaio angry. Some of these reports were about Financial mismanagement in the sheriff’s office, abuses of power, substandard health conditions in Arpaio’s jails, mistreatment and deaths of jail inmates, and much more.

Lacey and Larkin had covered a story for the Phoenix New Times that revealed an assault to the constitution. Allies of Arpaio’s at the Maricopa Attorney’s office issued grand jury subpoenas asking for details about the news papers writers, editors and readers. They even wanted personal browsing histories and IP addresses of their readers.

With help from a very loud national outcry both Lacey and Larkin were released less than 24 hours later and all charges dropped. The Ninth Circuit had made it clear that they were arrested without probable cause and that the subpoenas served on them had actually been invalid.

In 2013 Maricopa county paid a settlement to Lacey and Larkin for $3.7 million. That money went to the Frontera Fund, an initiative intended to benefit the Hispanic community that has received the brunt of racial animus and civil abuse in Arizona. Soon after receiving the money Lacey and Larkin quietly began handing out Frontera Fund money to worthy nonprofit advocates for Hispanic civil rights and causes.

The Trabuco And It’s Role In Warfare

The first record of a trabuco used in warfare is when a Chinese commander invented the trabuco in the 1100’s while warring against the Mongols. The design is simply built, using wood and a heavy counterweight, taking just a few hours to a few days to complete depending on the size of the trabuco and the weight of the objects that the trabuco will be throwing.

Traditional trabucos use a counterweight the swings over the top of the mechanism so that it has the strength to throw the object on the carry through. The trabuco was effective in converting potential energy into kinetic energy. This made trabucos very handy at destroying defensive walls or even fortifications so that the invading army can enter with ease. For the record on, the Mongols never did gain ground with the Chinese commander and were not able to take the cities at that time.

After the 1200’s according to, the popularity of the trabuco was reaching across Europe to the point the French were perfecting the trabuco, eventually creating a machine that could fire every 15 seconds. By the 1400’s trabucos were being used for war craft across many different battlefields. Their design made trabucos easy to breakdown and carry over any terrain but by the mid 1400’s trabucos were starting to be replaced by gunpowder and cannons as the most destructive force on the battlefield.

In modern times the trabuco is used more in engineering or science classes than in modern warfare. Trabucos are used as examples of how to convert potential energy into kinetic energy. Although there are smaller ones in existence that are used for throwing competitions and demonstrations. Trabucos hold a special place in the history of warfare. They are examples of the very first in large armed machines, used for warring purposes. To read more about trabucos, please click at

Learn more about Trabuco:

How Doe Deere Turned her Passion for Expression into a Successful Business

Doe Deere first made a splash in the field of fashion with her colorful strands of hair and non-traditional choices of makeup. The success of her cosmetic company Lime Crime, is directly linked to this entrepreneur’s passion for creativity. Her entrepreneurial skills began to shine through when she was a young adolescent living in Russia. She turned a profit by selling temporary tattoos to her schoolmates after popularizing them by wearing them as the latest fad in fashion. Although Ms. Deere was born and raised in Russia, at the impressionable age of 17 she moved to New York. Learn more:

Amid the hub-bub of New York’s diverse cultural atmosphere, Doe became drawn to the world of music. Her first business endeavor involved being a musician with a band. Although she later exchanged this dream for one involving fashion, she did learn a lot about the world of business during the time she spent in a band. This is also where she met the man who would eventually become both her partner in life and in business. She describes the partnership she has with her husband as one that became a collaborate effort right from the start.

Many of Lime Crime’s loyal customers might not know that the company’s founder had attended FIT in New York in the hopes of eventually launching her own line of fashions. After posting several photos of herself modeling her fashions, she soon discovered she had a following for the makeup she used to express her unique sense of style. Like clothing, Doe Deere believes makeup is an extension of fashion, which provides individuals with the ability to express themselves. What began for Doe Deere as a way to step beyond the boundaries of neutral-colored makeup, quickly turned into a desire to meet the overwhelming need others had to express their own unique personalities.

As a leading female entrepreneur in today’s business world, Ms. Deere is often asked for advice on how to succeed in business. She continually encourages women of all ages to tap into their inner passion to find what truly motivates them. She believes that everyone has something unique to offer, which is what they need to get in touch with in order to stay focused on their dream, regardless of how unusual it might seem. Although Doe Deere often felt alone in her desire to use bold and innovative colors for her hair and makeup, she soon discovered she was not.

Karl Heideck; Keeping You Abreast of New Legislations

Karl Heideck, a multi-talented lawyer in litigation, risk management, and compliance, is also a blogger who educates his readers on new laws, recent changes to specific legislation as well as simplifying complicated legal topics. One of his most recent discussions on his blog includes the new car seat law in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania passed a law on August 12, 2016, which specified that all kids below the age of two must be clipped into a rear-facing car seat. According to the law, law officers needed to issue warnings to persons not complying with the law for the first year which ended on August 12, 2017. For this reason, from August 12, 2017, onwards violators of the law will be subjected to a $ 125 penalty.

According to reports by AAA, auto accidents are a top cause of injuries and deaths for children; hence, the new legislation is meant to reduce these harmful effects for kids. Legislators always develop laws to save lives and safeguarding children while traveling on these busy roads is an end to that means starting with the car seat type.

Karen Boback, a representative of Harvey Lake, supports this new law entirely citing that she is a grandmother and the law will protect her grandchild as well. According to her, rear-facing car seats are the best way to guard toddlers with sensitive heads, spines, and neck.

Pennsylvania becomes the fourth state to enforce this car seat law. Therefore, to avoid fines and to ensure the health and safety of the state children, all parents and guardians need to comply with the new law and realize that there are serious repercussions if they ignore such rule.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is a prominent litigation advocate based in Jenkintown, Philadelphia. Mr. Heideck has been practicing law for over a decade which has assisted him to develop excellent skills and experience in handling complicated legal issues.

Karl Heideck has the right educational foundation for his legal career having undertaken his Bachelor of Arts with a major in English and Literature at the Swarthmore College. He furthered his studies by joining the Tempe University James W. Beasley Law School where graduated with a Juris Doctor degree in 2009.

After obtaining his law license in 2010, Karl Heideck has worked at several prominent law firms offering customized legal solutions to clients. Some of Karl Heideck areas of specialization include civil litigation, employment law, corporate law, legal writing, intellectual property law, commercial litigation, legal research and writing as well as mediation.

Fabletics the revolutionary online giant taking on Amazon

There is a perception that success in business is highly hinged on who came up with the idea and implemented it first. While this notion could be true, a lot of businesses have cropped up and are sweeping off established competitors off their feet. One such example is Fabletics, a company that has caught its competitors off guard, and has been attracting enviable media attention. Fabletics has been gaining a lot of influence and popularity, primarily because it has brilliantly combined the use of innovative and orthodox marketing techniques to attract customers.

How Fabletics came and conquered still baffles experts and business enthusiasts. No one thought that the company could reach its current position. The fact that it deals with e-commerce, an area that is largely dominated by Amazon gave us solid reasons to believe it would not succeed. Evidently, we were wrong, and Kate Hudson should excuse us for doubting her venture. For those who don’t know, Fabletics is an online retailer that sells ‘athleisures’, to put it better, the online giant sells women’s sportswear and accessories.

Kate Hudson founded Fabletics, and she has been the face of the Fabletics since it was launched. Kate Hudson is a multi-talented actress, and since Fabletics came into existence, we now know she is an exceptional businesswoman. Hudson undoubtedly fits my definition of a role model. She has been described as a go-getter and cautious to details; she noted unexploited grounds in the e-commerce world thanks to her incomparable attributes. The ‘wish I was here’ actress has proved that determination and good strategies can propel a brand to unprecedented heights. Her brand provides women of all shapes and sizes with affordable athletic apparels. Kate Hudson wants you to feel sexy!

Why should Amazon worry about Fabletics? Firstly, Fabletics has adopted a business model that is unique, and clients are embracing more it compared to other models. Fabletics uses a subscription service model that allows clients to receive workout apparels of their choice each month for a fee. The number of subscribers has increased at an astonishing rate, chiefly because the business model allows clients to get workout outfits for half prices. Users especially VIP members enjoy this price cuts the most when using Fabletics. What’s more, the outfits are trendy and of high-quality. Also, has invested in a system that betters users experience and ensures customers satisfaction.

Much of Fabletics success is attributable to the fact that they have implemented the ‘reverse showroom’ technique. The strategy allows clients to see products online, know their prices and their features and then visit a physical store to purchase it. Before its implementation, many thought that the strategy would be expensive and would amount to any sales. However, of all the decisions that Fabletics has made, the opening of brick-and-motors stores was the best decision they ever made. The technique has significantly boosted Fabletics market influence and has led to high profits. To further success of this method, the company collects data to ensure what they put in stores what people in a particular area want.